SL2 Version 1.88

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SL2 Version 1.88

Post by Neus » Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:03 am

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- Skill Dodging; You can now evade Offensive skills that target enemies with an evasion check. The Hit value for the attacker is around 90% of the normal Hit they have. (Note: This may need some finer tuning, but is mostly an experimental change for now. Also please note that skills which target a location and not an enemy will not trigger this accuracy check.)
- First Move; Move bonus changed to SR * 0.5, removed the bit about CEL turn order. Effect is now doubled if you score a back attack. (IE, +2 Move normally, +5 if back attack.)
- Kensei's Absolute Death now has a 2 round cooldown.
- Bonder's Fast Offense changed; FP cost is now 50 at all ranks, now lasts for 2 rounds.
- Soldier's Enchant Shield now qualifies as an Enchant-category skill.
- Crescent Hook, Hanging, Retaliate, and various skills that will teleport via Shukuchi will now turn you to face the target after the teleport effect.
- Schwarz Sturm can now be maintained by using basic attacks.
- Styx Shout now deals Sound magic damage to all enemies in 3 Range equal to 100% of SWP + Sound ATK, instead of being an AoE attack.
* Bug Reports
- Incise wasn't passing its weapon information to the damage instance.
- Sanctify was not targetting tiles and its area of effect was too small.
- Breakdown right-clicking wasn't working as intended.

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