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SL2 Version 1.09

Post by Neus » Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:14 pm

The nefarious 'black beasts' have been a rapidly increasing problem in the world of Sigrogana. Beginning as mere annoyances or ghost stories, attacking travellers and merchants from town to town, they have begun to get even more aggressive, going so far as to attack encampments, and now, towns themselves.

The nature of the beasts is completely unnatural, from their movements and targets, to the way they do not leave a corpse; instead, they simply melt into a black puddle, and vanish. There is something far sinister controlling these monsters, with some goal that no one yet understands.

How to handle this threat has been quietly discussed between parties in-the-know for some time, but soon, more will be needed than just plans.

Added - Black Beasts have gotten bold lately. So bold, in fact, that Dormeho is finding itself on the wrong end of their leash.
  • Every so often, Black Beasts will attack Dormeho. A World message will appear in chat when this occurs. (Note that this is an 'OOCish' message for convenience.)
  • Attacks will last for so long; during that time, Black Beasts will roam the town and cause damage to the town.
  • Once the Black Beasts are repelled, all participants will receive XP based on how many were defeated (total).
  • If enough Black Beasts are defeated, a special prize may also be given to all participants.
  • Afterwards, players can clean up the damage the Black Beasts did to the town for even more XP.
  • The threat isn't likely to stop here...
Adjusted - During Doctor Gorri's quest, you talk to him about the Medicine; if you have the proper talents, you might be able to goad more information out of him and earn some extra Experience Points.
Adjusted - The chest that contains the medicine for the above quest can now spawn in one of nine random locations inside of the Goblin Cave.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Silent Prayer could remove Silence even if you were under the effect of Strangling Etacof.

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