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SL2 Version 1.89

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:26 am
by Neus
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New Promoted Class - A new Archer promoted class, Ranger, was added.
New Preferences - You can now change the font for the main character stat screen.
WASD Command Pop-Ups - When in WASD mode, objects that can be interacted with via the keyboard commands will now show those commands while you stand in front of them.
- Martial Artist's Evasive Strike damage increased to 4 per Rank (from 2 per Rank).
- Kensei's Absolute Pace bonus damage increased to 200% Scaled STR (from 50%).
- Grand Summoner's Judgement Blade can now use Swords as casting tools.
- Black Knight's Board Shaker; Damage cap changed to 100*Rank, now gains 10% extra Earth ATK scaling per Rank.
- Monk's Kadouha adjusted; Pierce and size growth effect @ 10 Ki, explode effect @ 20 Ki, knocks down @ 30 Ki. Ki damage bonus changed from flat value to a percentage bonus.
- Priest's Mercalan Mist; HP Regen changed to 25% of Light ATK, with a minimum of 2*Rank.
- Priest's Malmelo; HP Recovery is now equal to Scaled FAI/2%, to a maximum of Rank*6%. FP cost changed to 20+4 per Rank. Momentum cost is now 3.
- Hexer's Death Knighting; Bonus stats changed from Rank*2 to Rank*1.
- Spellthief; Copy spells now have a global 3 round cooldown.
- Armor of Eyes; Hit bonus changed to UL/2. Critical reduction effect changed from UL% to make critical multipiler 1x to UL% chance to reduce critical multiplier by UL%. (IE, 150% Critical Modifier VS 15 UL would become 135% Critical Modifier instead.)
- A time limit of 1, 3, or 5 minutes can be selected for turns when challenging someone to a PvP battle.
- Opaque versions of the Fasionable discer walls have been added.
- Storage objects now display what mode they are set in the title of the storage window.
- A new basic skill called Limit Potential has been added. While toggled on, if your weapon potential is a passive skill, it is rendered inactive.
* Bug Reports
- Flip Shot could target yourself or allies.
- Flip Shot was not classified as a movement skill.
- Retreat Flight would sometimes not perform the attack on an enemy.
- Thunder Bolt's magic circle was left behind if it managed to defeat the last enemy.
- Cherry Blossom's Annorum effect was not hurting all enemies.
- Forest Walk was not classified as a movement skill.
- Nest of Nests' duration bonus wasn't applying.
- Domino Resonate wasn't applying its effects on enemies that collided with the original target.
- Setting Sun was dense.
- Shine Knighting's invoke-ready momentum cost was incorrect.
- Fox God's Blessing was applying outside of combat, in some cases.
- Cripple Arm was not preventing the effects of Hands slot items in some cases.
- Several basic attack skills weren't showing attack forecasts.
- Worn Gumshoe's material was metal instead of cloth.
- Vines created by seed effects weren't counting as plants.
- Caravans arriving in Tannis did not spawn NPCs.
- Many racial skills were qualified as Offensive skills when they shouldn't have been.
- Item effects like Swordmaster's Ring were not applying to items that had mutated weapon types, or multiple weapon types.
- Mortissimo's stat scaling changed to 55% STR and 50% SAN.
- Prinnies didn't have the Head tag.
- Staff of Forging was not actually repairing weapons.
- Charm could cause incapped units to jump in the way of damage.
- Escape victories weren't possible if a party member was unconscious.
- Dullahans could not unlock Ranger.
- Weapon change potentials were treating the weapons as if they were still ranged for a number of different mechanics.
- Noble Axe's description was incorrect.
- Hurricane could push you into walls.
- Biter was affecting/not affecting mutated Fist weapons.