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SL2 Version 1.91(+b)

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:19 pm
by Neus
Alstalsia - Added a new town, Alstalsia.
- Mage's Explosion; Nerhaven effect now also knocks the enemies it affects airborne before knocking them back.
- Demon Hunter's Chaser; SWA changed to 100%+10% per Rank.
- Demon Hunter's Rising Tide; SWA changed to 100%+15% per Rank.
- Demon Hunter's Elemental Rave; SWA changed to 90%+20% per Rank.
- Custom alert/inputs have been sped up slightly.
* Bug Reports
- Mercalan Mist and Death Knighting were displaying Scaled Weapon Power in their rank text, even though it didn't interact with it in any way.
- Ashe was a little in the way for those trying to get to the free kitchen in Pink's Pub.
- Acid Flower was giving LV 0 poison pools if your shuriken was mutated.
- Evasion's bonus wasn't being displayed on the skill board.
- An animation remnant from a boss fight could stick around after the battle and show up elsewhere.
- Green Scale Tunic's effect wasn't being calculated correctly.
- Ashe's Kagekiri was using Bare Fists as a weapon.

- Added fade-out/in animations for Voidgate and Haunting.
- Added quote that can be displayed upon entering a house/floor to the housing system.
- Duelist's Crystal Rose; Circle size reduced from 3 to 2.
- Evoker's High Speed Divine Words; Now main class only.
- Verglas; Bear and Hare Discipline skills - FP costs changed to 21+1 per Rank. Base scaling for Bear Discipline skills increased to 100% (from 80%). Rapid Kick base scaling increased to 80% (from 70%). Face Stomp per-rank scaling increased from 15% to 20%.
* Bug Reports
- Lispool's Mage Guild couldn't teleport you to Alstalsia.
- Alstalsia reputation wasn't reflected correctly on the reputation panel.
- Zerans had negative reputation with Alstalsia.
- Setting a sign's text and then cancelling could cause immobility in some cases.
- Malmelo was healing for an incorrect amount of HP.