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SL2 Version 1.97

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 9:47 pm
by Neus
Note that a lot of patch notes got lost and never put on the site, but there have been plenty of updates since this and the last post. Will be trying to do this more regularly in the future! Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Rogue's Dagger Dance can now work from range if both daggers are Shuriken weapons.
- Magic Gunner's Vamp Shell; duration for high effect increased to 3 rounds (from 2).
- Fray projectiles no longer work with Void Refraction.
* Bug Reports
- Ranger Arcane spells didn't have domains.
- Cellsvich's overworld name was incorrect.
- Crash Potion wasn't applying properly to some weapon types.
- Vanishing Strike allowed you to stack units in the same tile.
- Snake Dancer would move you even if the damage instance was not capable of being dodged.
- Yomidori's icon was incorrect.
- Charred Void was not changing Cinders into Dark Cinders.
- Ripple Dimension was triggering even if an enemy wasn't in the range of Impact Call.
- The new Cellsvich Asago building did not have the new Race Board or DISCer Chest in it.
- Several tiles in new Cellsvich were not properly dense.
- Impure Element's visual effect would remain after the battle.
- Non-valid/iconless crafting items could spawn from random chests.
- Chairs didn't line up very well in the Cellsvich Inn.
- Mercalan Mist's healing value was being set incorrectly.
- Weir Konnen's description was incorrectly stating the Scaled WIL ratio as 25% (when it should be 20%).
- Burn wasn't negating many enchant based bonuses to DEF.
- Weapon type swapping effects would persist when changing weapons.
- Domino Resonate wasn't triggering its bonus effect properly.