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SL2 Version 1.99

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:11 pm
by Neus
- Multiple crafting has been added; you can now queue up to 100 crafts of a single item when crafting. However, all crafting recipes now require 1 Physical Stamina to complete, so there is a limit there as well.
- Wash added to Professor Pink's Tower.
- Winged Spearstrike; Durability reduction changed to -2 (from -6).
- When targetting a skill, if you cancel the targetting, you will reset back to the direction you were originally facing before targetting.
- Maxmimum yield for alchemy plants changed to 2 (from 4).
- Dungeon generation change; when generating new dungeons, the level of the dungeons will be based on the lowest and highest level of all player characters in the game. (Before, it was a random level between 1 and 60, but this change should help make sure the dungeons generated are more suited to whoever is currently active in game.)
- Fray and Revile Fray now have a new animation.
- Vydel no longer gains Charge Mind and Greaper bonuses when cast by Tarnada.
- Tarnada is now a valid casting tool for Vydel.
- Curate's Pray; Divine Lightning bonus damage changed to Rank*15 (from Rank*5). Shine Knight bonus summon level changed to Rank*12 (from Rank*10). Max FP restore changed to Rank*10 (from Rank*6).
- Monk's Kadouha; Base SWA and EATK scaling increased to 120% (from 100%). If Ki Awoken is active, the skill will no longer consume Ki (but will still get benefits as if it did).
- Curate's Invigoration and Quickness; now Enchant category.
* Bug Report
- There were a few issues with Elite Engine.
- Gravity Lock's special status wasn't applying.
- Quicksand can no longer deal damage or inflict Immobilize on defeated units.
- Void Refraction wasn't causing the original projectile to vanish after entering the portal.