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SL2 Version 1.99.1

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:39 am
by Neus
New Enemies - Added 4 new enemies of the Iceblood race.
New Static Random Dungeon - Outer Ice Frontier, on Lordwain.
New Items - Added 4 new 10* items and 3 new 9* items.
- Stun damage modifier for monsters reduced to 25% (from 50%).
- Salamander Sword; Non-monster targets only give +2 Power per activation.
- Roar; Effect now replaced only if it would be equal to or stronger than an existing status.
- Curate's Kel; Range increased to 5, base FP cost decreased to 8.
* Bug Reports
- Red Rain could affect enemies that are at 0 HP.
- Worg Pelt was not Cloth material.
- Ice Paw wasn't working when the unit was being total controlled.
- Certain knockback conditions could cause dense tiles to populate the map.
- Spirit Trip was breaking after hitting one enemy.
- Byakko's Roar didn't have the proper LV in some cases.
- Materials were giving Elemental ATK bonuses on non-weapons.
- Dagger Dance was not functioning from range with Shuriken if used by a Sub-Attack.
- Final Flare's duration was 2 rounds instead of 3.
- Flee could be used before Round 2.
- The Companions Panel's stat information was not displaying correct information when moused over.
- Charge Mind was not working with Vydel, even when casted normally.
- Icon parts on the results screen didn't adjust their x/y offsets properly.
- Bargoer NPCs would walk through the walls to get to seats in the new Cellsvich Inn.
- Wild Ride fired way too many shots from main hand attacks.
- Needle's rank was being treated as 0 while a Rogue Destiny Spellthief was casting a stolen version.
- Ritual Sword would work incorrectly with ambidexterity.
- Bandit Dens could block passageways with prison bars; the prison bars now have directional density so you can slip around them.p around them.