Random Nonsense That Doesn’t Mean Anything (Maybe.)

The predecessor to Sigrogana Legend 2. (Discontinued)
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Random Nonsense That Doesn’t Mean Anything (Maybe.)

Post by Malphas » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:43 am

This may have completely nothing to do with you. I wouldn’t suggest wrapping your head around it; especially if you never played this version of Sigrogana Legend for long. I would say these are spoilers, but there’s no use since the game became imbalanced and hard to repair without rewriting everything, and most of the popular people in the game’s community had left or moved on -Leaving the game vacant with nothing but NPCs. We practically had to make a Sigrogana Legend 2!

I just want to recap where the lore left off. The last major lore quest line started with someone called Agent Bones who starts the quest “The truth is out there”! During the trials of the quest, you had a letter Agent Bones gives to you to give to Furfur, a powerful Great Earl of Hell. You were not only awarded with a completed quest and a sizeable amount of Experience, but the handsome reward of answered questions. Bones reveals himself as Marbas, a Great President of Hell governing thirty-six legions of demons. Not only that, but mentions other NPCs are secretly demons as well. Bones (Marbas.) states his purpose is to play their role in the game and tells your world is nothing but a game. Yes, the madman actually thinks it’s all a game. A game between Hell, the Characters and the Elder Gods! What else were you thinking?

Hell’s win conditions are to gain control over everything and then the game will be over. The Elder Gods’ win conditions, according to Bones, is to destroy everything. That if everyone else loses, they win. The Elder Gods really sound like they had a lust for power over the rest of the world! Your character’s win conditions were simple -Keep everything in balance and the game world will cease to be if not kept balanced. Bones mentions it’ll be problematic if some people were “suicidal” in letting the game cease to be. He goes on to say that they are searching for the King and Lords ruling over the lands to get them on their side. I wouldn’t blame them, popular people are very influential.

Such mystery this is. Your character must fight Hell wanting control, and The Elder Gods that’ll want to win even if it makes things imbalanced. ..But what were the elder gods?
According to the in-character book lore of them, knowing what they are will “break your mind”. The book goes on saying lines like “We were not meant to exist with them.” “Possessing powers that gives a deeper understanding of how these men ended up the way they are.” And “Creating things that don’t exist. Creating things that will never exist”. The author even goes on to say that after he explains what they are, they only see him as colors! I’m sure it’s obvious what the Elder Gods are. They’re the results of Neus’s love of Lovecraft’s work!

I sort of miss this type of lore. Why so quick to cut demons out of Sigrogana Legend 2, Neus? Aren’t you a fan of Shin Megami Tensei? Will we ever have something like this again? If not. Who won this? The game is still up.