I need to able to link this. (Funny Quotes Thread)

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I need to able to link this. (Funny Quotes Thread)

Postby Kavoir » Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:10 am

Suzuke Taisuke says " What about your dad? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " My dad or my father? ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Which one's which? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " My dad is Smarthy, and my father is Morgan. I don't think you've met my father, he doesn't show his face much anymore. He used to be an alcoholic after years of believing that his entire family was dead, but I like to believe that he gave that up. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Then, your dad. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Dad's not pudgy, but I have seen him fight a few times. He was all, "ARCANA!" and, "MAGIC WATER HEAL!". ".
Kayleigh Lothridge did her best Smarthy impression, there.
Suzuke Taisuke says " I meant more about how much crap he's been through. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " My name is Alexander but you're not allowed to call me Alexander because it's silly and I am a doctor, must look professional. I have more children than I can count and like, my family are wolves, and I'm a human. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Hur-hur. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I have a house with lava in it. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " So, infinite crap. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Yep, I never eat or sleep and I sometimes smoke even though my daughter -hates- it with a burning passion. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Should cut his smoking habit off. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge somehow adopted a southern-sounding accent half way through that sentence.
Suzuke Taisuke says " S'bad for him. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I also take this medicine that helps me not go insane so I can raise my children and help my people. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Because I'm rich but I have nothing to show for it. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Well, damn. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Almost feel bad for loathing the guy. Now I just kinda feel bad for him. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge totally has one hand on her hip and is acting like a total diva. Love the Smarthy.
Kayleigh Lothridge says " No, no, don't feel bad for me. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Why not? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " No one should ever feel bad for me because I can handle myself and I won't talk about my feelings anyone. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " ... I'm sorry, why do you have him as a daddy figure? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I adopted a little girl because I felt bad for her and had to give her like, three places of residence so she would feel loved. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " I... What? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I don't really think it makes me feel as good about myself as it was intended to, but whatever. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Did I mention that I also science and make things that completely defy all logic? ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " I repeat. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Why do you have him as a daddy figure? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge breaks character for a split second. "It's a long story." Then was suddenly diva Smarthy again.
Suzuke Taisuke says " So, should I shoot him to end his suffering orrr...? ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Should we not even find him, or....? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " No, that would be painful and I already have so many other health issues to deal with. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " But yeah, I totally bled all over my house, then went missing, and left my daughter to grovel and wallow in misery and confusion. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Like, totally find me, because I am totally alive. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge suddenly aims her hand at the tree.
Suzuke Taisuke says " Still not getting too involved. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge makes a "fwoosh" sound, then acts as though the tree just exploded into smithereens.
Kayleigh Lothridge says " ... Uh... So powerful... ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " ... Cannot contain.... Such power... ".
Kayleigh Lothridge thrusts her hand towards the sky, and starts making some really weird sound effects, man. Like something that just dropped out of Dragonball Z.
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Taste my power, sky! ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Does he really do this, or are you just pulling my leg out of socket right now? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge waves him off with the hand that isn't shooting imaginary fireballs to the stars.
Kayleigh Lothridge then stops, and mock wipes her forehead.
Kayleigh Lothridge says " WHOO. That was a workout. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Now, I am going to go not eat for dayyys and then wonder why I am not getting -any- of my proper nutrients. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " FOR SCIENCE. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Okay. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge plops her hand back on her hip, then looks down at Max.
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Not enough scales or slithery tongues, we'll have to fix that. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " With science. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " And evil. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Mwahahaha- ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Wait, I''m not evil.. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " He used to be. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " The beauty of children an true love has changed me, friend. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Okay, that's a load of crap. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Who says? ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Me. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge materializes an imaginary fireball in her hand, swooshing it through the air. "I will scorch your body then make you pay for the medical bill!"
Suzuke Taisuke says " I won't go to you for help because I have healy bling. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " MY BLING BE BETTER THAN YO BLING, SON. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " (( i should omit that but i'm not going to )) ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " ((Because it's true, everyone knows Dr. Smarthy is on par with Dr. Drey in terms of bling))) ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " What happened to not being evil? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Just because I want to rule the world, doesn't make me evil. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " So, why do you want to rule it? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I am Alexander Julian Smarthy and I am not sure of my sexuality, gender, or personality preferences! ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I am the perfect human being! ".
Kayleigh Lothridge breaks character agian. "This is why dad won't let me have Kat-Knip."
Suzuke Taisuke says " Did you have Kat-Knip? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge whispers," No." Then, is in character again.
Suzuke Taisuke says " .... WAIT. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " His middle name is Julian? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " WHO SAID THAT? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " MY MIDDLE NAME IS.... HRM.... MIDDLENAME. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " No, I'm just kidding, it's Julian. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Sheeze. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " His momma must'a hated him. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " It sounds like a girls name, and I am three hundred percent ashamed of it. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Because I don't know what I want from life. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Why hasn't he killed himself yet? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I am kind of a coward, and totally care way too much about my daughter to kill myself. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " .... Okay, that's a fair point. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " And a smart one. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I am a doctory genius who graduated college. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I only say smart things. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Liar. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " NEVER LIE. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Except I lie all the time. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " BECAUSE I AM THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " AND MOST OF MY CHILDREN DESPISE ME. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Most? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " Yes. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I used to be a terrible parent until my loving, beautiful adoptive daughter straightened me out. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " (( i can't breatheee )) ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " . . . ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " Uh-huh. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " ((Logging all of this, for glory)) ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " (( read this over in your olden days, and you'd be able to tell yourself that you did something right )) ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " So, you -do- want him found, but you're perfectly okay with all this crap that's messed up about him? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge suddenly completely broke character. She looked at him, then hesitated. "Of course," She said slowly. "We take care of eachother. "
Kayleigh Lothridge says " But, like I said, my name is Alexander Julian Smarthy and I will never talk about how I feel. ".
Suzuke Taisuke says " How long's he been missing? ".
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I don't know. Time has kind of lost track of me as I have lost track of time. More than a few days, though. I can tell you that. ".
Kayleigh Lothridge -- And her Smarthy impersonation has officially ended. *clapclapclapclapclap*
Kayleigh Lothridge says " I miss him. I'm worried about him. ".
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