Onigan Royal Clans: Roanoki

A collection of player character biographies.
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Onigan Royal Clans: Roanoki

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The first known recording of the Roanoki clan comes from the village of Sasu, around the year 200, with a man named Anji. It is said, and the Roanoki firmly all of this to be true, that Anji was haunted with sleepless nights. Nightmares about a burning town were often, with him being in the center of said village with a bloodied katana and a head in one hand. What caused these dreams are up to the matter of debate, one theory stating that vengeful ghosts were punishing him for what his ancestors did long ago while others say the Roanoki family was always filled with bloodlust and they are only trying to repress it.

Nonetheless, Anji could only ignore the thoughts whispered into his mind and busy himself with his love for blacksmithing for so long. He traveled all over the continent of Gold, seeking any time of help he could get. Medications only worked for so long, charms would break after only a week or two of having them in his possession. Not until he returned to Sasu did he discover a Redtail with pure white hair and tail. She claimed to be a mystic and would help him out. He asked what price he would have to pay to be ridden of the curse, but she replied with, "Think of it as my family returning the favor."

On the night that he slept, the burning town's fires were replaced with strong gusts of winds. In his hands were no longer a katana and decapitated head, but a spear. He woke up the next morning in silence, but with a smile on his face. His mind was stuck on the dream, entering a blissful state of sorts. He remembered how the spear looked and how he firmly held it in his hands. He would spend the rest of the day crafting said spear, showing it to the village after it was done. The village people were in awe by his craftsmanship. Warriors claimed that the wanted to wield it, blacksmiths wanted to study it more thoroughly. He had a much better plan than that, though, and he would later find the Redtail that helped him and offer the spear to her as a gift; it would be denied.

He was no longer preoccupied with things that chased him for years, but now he felt empty. He would craft many spears with his hands, but none came close in terms of power and beauty to the one he built from a dream-induced stupor. Perhaps, he thought, with more resources I have a greater chance of creating a spear like I did before.

The rest was history, a challenge sent to the village elders to choose a warrior for him to fight to claim it as his own. He would win, of course, and keep the man he fought as an ally. Balancing his own goal with the village's needs would be tough, of course, but he never let go of that dream.

And that is what the Roanoki believe this story is about: determination.

Current Standings

Between the Sigrogana-Onigan War and the Onigan Revolution, the numbers of the Roanoki clan has dwindled considerably so that it would be more correct to call them a family instead. Their city lies in ruins underneath the sand and their Head of Family, a title given to the first-born son of the descendants of Anji, was slain while remaining loyal to the Tennou. Such a death was devastating to the Roanoki, leading to much argument on who should now take the title as Tsyokoa, the slain Head of Family, was an only child. It was eventually decided by the grandparents of Tsyokoa that his wife would now lead, a somewhat controversial conclusion.

The Roanoki were never known for not having controversy surround them as many warriors of the family opted for the art of the spear instead of the katana, leading to rumors that they don't respect the Kensei way. There was also talk of one of the married "Princes", named Izanagi, having a child with a Redtail servant by the name Suraikyo Ooshi. Both of these rumors, however, have been dismissed by the family as slander spread by agitated rival families.

*Of course, only a tiny group of people know that Izanagi had not only fathered one Redtail, but two.
*This is the only information on here that is private knowledge.

As of right now, they've begun to build up their supplies of weapons and armor while combat training has grew harsher and longer. The mere thought of Sigrogana starting another war with Oniga made them fear that not only would all their family perish, but so would everyone in Oniga.

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Re: Onigan Royal Clans: Roanoki

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