Project Little Darkness

A collection of player character biographies.
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Project Little Darkness

Post by Sarah54321 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:25 am

"That is to say, I think we should fix your hair up today!"

"Oi oi... I don't need my hair fixing today. You already braided it."

"But-but you love The Hair-Styling!"

"... Fine. Just this once, though. And watch my glasses, net time."

"You are The Greatest!"


The water was making the poor girl a little bit sea-sick, just watching the waves and having the boat bob up and down. Sighing a little bit, she readjusted the shoulder-bag that she held onto, before looking over at her companion that had come with for the travel. Codename, Little Sunshine, was who came with. The woman seemed to be dazed, simply directing the boat with her magic. The smaller of the two females wished that she could use things like that, but alas, she was a clueless student underneath much smarter people.

"How long until we reach it?" asked the girl, Little Light. Little Sunshine and Little Light together, it was a little funny, wasn't it? Sea-blue hair swaying out infront of her face, she huffed and went to push it back over her ear. There wasn't much to do on the small boat that they'd gotten, and the girl was more than bored. Kicking at the ground, she leaned over the ledge of the boat a little bit, staring at the blue waters that matched the color of her own hair. Emerald eyes stared back at her, and she just let out a ilttle sniff.

"... Soon. It should not take long,"The calming voice of Little Sunshine rang out from where she was directing the winds, almost using her hands like a conductor's stick-thing, or at least that's what Little Light pictured them as. The younger of the two pouted, going to lean back away from the edge and step over next to the woman colored mint-green almost all around. Tilting her head to the side, she squinted and stared at what was ahead. That was a little strange looking, indeed. Pointing over towards it, she looed then at her companion.

"What is /That/?"inquired her, her pointer finger wriggling a little in the direction of... A great black mass. It was just seemingly there, out in the sea like it was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was anything but that. A little smile overcame the taller woman's expression, though it was still moderately blank.

"... That is our destination,"she simply explained, going to motion the winds to bring them closer. Already, Little Light could sense a little bit of forboding within this mass, and she couldn't even see anything but pitch black. Shuffling her feet some, the youth let out a little chatter.

"Uh! Well... Are you sure? This looks...,"her thoughts trailed off when the boat suddenly came to a slow stop, not too far away from the black mass, but close enough that it was very uncomfortable for her. "Why'd we stop?" She questioned, turning her head towards the other woman. She, Little Sunshine, just put on a smile and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, going to lead her over towards the front of the small boat. Patting her back a little bit, the woman simply stood there for several moments.

"This is where I stop,"was the reply, a smile on her lips ever-still,"But, you must continue on, Little Light." Moving her hand away, she placed both hands behind her back, watching the large darkness-filled area silently, then.

"... C-can I back out? I don't-" Little Light wanted to continue, wanted to plead that they'd better head back, because this seemed like such a dangerous area! However, she wasn't able to, as abruptly, the woman ducked behind her, chanting a spell. Swiftly, the girl turned as well, staring as bright light surrounded the two,"W-what are you doing?"

The sound of an incantation was flowing from the woman's lips, and once it was prepared, she just tilted her head and smiled,"... Good luck, Little Light. May you never go out." With that, a giant gust of wind shot forward, picking up the poor girl and hurling her out.

Towards the dark mass in the sea.


The first thing that came to her senses was pain. Very sharp pain. Where it was coming from was her head, inside of her mind, and she let out a groan, trying to stand up. Her legs felt like jello, her arms limp as noodles, though she wasn't new to that feeling, and even worse, she had no idea where she was. All the poor girl could view was darkness all around the area. Letting out a groan, she tried to step forward, nearly tripping over herself. Only a few steps in, and she fell to the ground once more, the shoulder bag slipping off and landing with what sounded like a splash, or was it?

It was hard to tell what was and wasn't real, here. Her mind felt... fuzzy, as if it couldn't percieve exactly what was going on. Little Light didn't even bother trying to stand up, not when her arms weren't working like they sometimes did. Closing her eyes, she sniffed, beginning to shake and shiver. This time, it was out of fear. Where was she? Why did Little Sunshine just toss her into this scary place? If she could hug herself, she definitely would, because she needed one. Really needed one.

Something sounded like a scream. Or was that a shout? Either way, it caused the girl to shoot upwards, eyes wide and straing all around. Despite the darkened landscape, she could barely see something, a figure. A very large figure, looming out in the distance. The sound of tearing reached her ears, flesh pounding upon flesh, squelches, and...

"G-go away!" She shouted, using her feet to force herself up and turn, beginning to run away, her arms hanging uselessly at her sides.

Suffice to say, her first day in this new area wasn't a good experience, and she couldn't have written down about it, either, for she left her shoulder bag on the ground, where it would be swallowed up by the darkness. Little Light just continued to run away from the sounds, not wanting to be 'eaten' or hurt at all by creatures that seemed to be here. No, she needed to run, run and find a way out. There had to be a way out of this place that seemed to be similar to Lazarus!


Time passed, Little Light had no idea how much, and she was beginning to become used to the screeches and the screams. Her arms worked, sometimes, but either way, it was hard to find an exit, as she had yet to find one. Not to mention, she was... hungry. There was nothing to eat, anything she had was in the shoulderbag that she so carelessly left behind. Reaching up to grip at her stomach, the fourteen-year old stared around, gulping. There had to be something to eat, here, right? Her goal changed from looking for an exit, to finding something to eat, and preferably something to drink, as well. She was parched.

In her fervent search, she failed to notice something approaching. It was too late for her to run, as behind her, she heard this... grotesque growl. Turning about, she didn't know what she saw, as it was large and terrifying, but her mind almost seemed to blank out on it. Her body went into an automatic defense, and she went out to kick hard at the creature using her right foot. There was a loud 'CRACK', and a groan. Gasping a little bit, she stepped backwards. Then, she just kicked at it again. And Again. More and more, until the creature stopped moving. It was scary to her, and scary things needed to stop being scary...!

Dropping to her knees after the creature finally stopped moving, she stared at its features once more. It seemed strangely humanoid, with arms that were covered in unique seeming black scales. Titling her head to the side, she continud to gaze, and hearing her stomach rumble, she let out a groan and gripped at her mid-section.

Something in her mind spoke out to her, then, suddenly. "Eat" it said, simply. "Eat me". Upon realizing it, though, she came to find out that the voice didn't seem to be coming from her head... but from the body itself. Lifting her head, she stared with wide eyes, before reaching forward. How would she even eat something like this, anyway? Gripping a little bit at the 'shoulder' of the creature, she leaned down and... Bit down as hard as she could. Her bottom teeth clanked against something, but otherwise, she tasted something that was akin to copper, or nickel. However, pulling back, she just chewed and chewed. It didn't taste that bad. She'd had worse, after all.

Famished, she instantly went in for another bite, and another, and another. The girl was starving, she realized, how long had it been since she had anything to eat, to drink? The voice from the body laughed a little bit, and soon enough, she was full. Stepping backwards, she just rubbed at her mouth with her sleeve, not being able to see the crimson that remained there.


More time passed. It was hard to tell exactly how much time. It was long enough that she'd learned to 'Hunt'. Finding creatures that she could eat, and finding places that she could find water at. There was a lot of water, actually, but it was quite salty. Either way, she had gotten it down almost to a science. Eat, drink, search for an exit, sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Over time, she questioned exactly why she was trying to exit this place. It wasn't so bad, once you got used to it. The food was decent enough, and the creatures, as long as you fought against them, which she was getting used to, clawing and-when had she obtained claws, anyway-kicking when she could. Her clothes were becoming a little tight as well. If only she could sew together new ones. Her mind contind to wander around as she meandered through the darkness some more.

What was her name again? Little Light... Little Light! Her name was Little Light, and the person that she needed to find was... It was someone that had purple hair, yes! Or was it lavender? Something in her mind flashed in, a face with a smile, blank eyes that stared at nothing, lavender hair that was in a braid, she remembered she made the braid. However... Who was the person.

For once, the girl came to a stop, and her eyes widened. Staring down at the ground, she realized something. It was a terrible thing to realize, really. The girl was starting to forget, no, that couldn't happen at all! Shaking her head, she began to repeat things to herself. Lavender, great blank eyes, her best friend, best friend, their name was...


Her arms still stopped working once in awhile, and it made things harder for her. Especially when looking for an exit, and foraging for food. Really, the girl forgot why she was looking for an exit. She had for awhile. Something about finding someone, or something like that? Either way, it was the only lead. Lately, her schedule had been Eat, Drink, Search. Sleep was beginning to become hard to come by. More and more nightmares, of screams and clawing at her being. It was difficult, and she couldn't allow herself to be caught in a weak position. That would equal being hurt, and being hurt by scary things was a bad thing, after all. However, she didn't remember exactly how she got here in the first place. In fact, maybe she was always here? The girl closed her eyes.

What was her name, again?


It hurt. It hurt so much. Her arms were bleeding, or where were her arms? All she could feel was pain, and she was crying out, but laughing at the same time. This was it, she was doomed! Dead, she was dead! Yet, her legs made her stand and begin to run. No no, please don't let me die, her mind was screaming out at her. Run away from the chaos. Run from the bad things that want to hurt you. You've spent enough time here, escape. ESCAPE.

Light. The girl saw light. It was a beautiful thing to see. Light, that blinded her. As she ran, her feet stomping more and more, shoes barely holding together because, she'd been wearing them for so long, along with the rest of her clothes, they were thread bare, falling apart, but that didn't matter. She saw a /light/, in however many days, months, was it years? Since she had been here, or if she'd been here forever, then she didn't know how it was a light in the first place.

She jumped towards the light, ignoring the pain in her arms and the pounding in her head. Before she could reach it, she saw ... Something. What did she see?

It was terrifying.


"I had an interesting dream when I slept the other week. Would you like to hear about it?"


"Ah, well... I had arms! That, and... I was with someone, using my hands for something! I cannot remember too much, but... It was a fun dream."


"You really think so? I hope I can have a good dream like that, again. I have not in a very long time."


"Thank you for listening, too. I appreciate it. Uhm... Take care!"
"I write because I wish to write. I am because I want to be. Don't question me, do you really know what's right?"