A tale of two students

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A tale of two students

Post by Soapy » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:18 pm

A candle flickers in a dark room, illuminating only a few dusty stacks of parchment. The occasional sound of flipping pages is heard, along with a young girl's voice.

"I still don't get why we need to be in the dark..." says the voice, seeming a little bothered.

A second, less feminine voice replies earnestly. "Don't be afraid. This candle's light--"

The soft-spoken girl interrupts. "I-I'm not afraid; I just can't read like this. Can't we turn a real light on? The Salamander System--"

"--is based on an impure power, stolen by those godless heathens in Kysei. Do you want to be like them, sweet sister?", inquires the boy.

"You sound just like my da-- our father already," complains the girl with a sigh.

"Do I?" he questions. "I'm glad you think so," he adds before a reply can be given.

"...Anyway, how's it all going? You two spend a lot of time in his study," she asks.

"Father has been showing me-- teaching me things. We understand one another. It... feels good. I'm happy."

The room begins to light up with a golden glow, and the boy slowly backs away while turning to face the source. He stops in his tracks.

The two children were wearing robes of clear Mercalan design, likely intended to be worn by someone older based on their size.

He stares with a blank expression, the source of the light now obvious to him. The girl had cast a simple spell to illuminate the room.

"Are you sure?" she asks, skeptical of his words. "I mean... You never smile."