Suzaku, A Tale of Two Sisters

A collection of player character biographies.
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Suzaku, A Tale of Two Sisters

Postby FiresTFS » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:34 am

This is a tale of two sisters, mismatching in race. But both belonged to the same family. The Herege family.

~The Herege Family~

The Herege are a small, poor family of the Hyattr race that used to reside in Law's End in Gold. The family consisted of the father, Talvish Herege and the mother, Ethna Herege for a while. Talvish seemed to have trouble with the bandits residing in the area, being tough himself. But he wasn't as tough as them. So they passed by every month to either take the little money he had, or one of his belongings were he to refuse. Now why would bandits target residents of Law's End?

~Talvish Herege~

Talvish used to be one of the Black Knights of Chaturanga. Holding his Axe with pride and fame. He always got rid of any threats to his hometown. That is until he was betrayed by a fellow comrade who wanted to be higher than him. Falsely accusing him of taking things from Chaturanga's residents by force, he was fast exiled to Law's End with his wife, Ethna and stripped off his position as a Black Knight and a good chunk of his money and belongings. Remaining with very few, he still decided to continue living his life and hide from the empire.

~The First Suzaku - Birth~

Despite the hardships the Herege family had went through. Ethna was holding Talvish's first baby. They were happy to have such news that Talvish began to look for jobs around Gold to help their newborn receive good education and care. Of course the bandits were in the way of that. So Talvish was secretly saving some of the money while handing little to the bandits. The act didn't last long sadly when one of them spotted Talvish returning from his work with money. Months went by and before they knew it, their first child was born. And Ethna had the honor to name them.
Ethna: It's a boy, Talvish!
Talvish: It didn't matter, but I have a son now! I'm a father..!
Ethna: And what would you like to name your son?~
Talvish: I'll give his mother the honor.
Ethna: So then.. I'll name him..
The child's name was Asuka. Asuka Herege. His birth was a true pleasure to the Herege family and they celebrated for weeks. But it didn't last for that long..

~The First Suzaku - Loss~

That Bandit who spotted Talvish with the money that day didn't forget what he saw. But he decided to keep silent about it then punish him later. After a week or so from Asuka's birth, the house was infiltrated and ultimately. Asuka was kidnapped. Talvish was enraged. And went everywhere he could to search for the kidnappers. But he didn't come with any results. The bandits stopped bothering him ever since then and he was generally accepted as a citizen of Law's End. Was it really necessary to cover the costs with a child? Talvish and Ethna were left with broken hearts for several years to come, knowing no memories but sorrowful ones.

~The First Suzaku - Life As A Child~

Asuka was raised well by the bandits until hitting the age of Three. Where he was taught to steal things from children whenever the bandits went on trips for training. Most of the time he was successful at the job. But the poor boy didn't understand what he was doing. He thought of it as a game. Until around the age of five. Asuka began to understand that he was taking away things people claimed theirs, which was obviously wrong. So when he went to the bandits' leader to ask if he could work in some other aspect. Asuka was ultimately tortured by the bandits, left without food or water for a day or maybe even more in their hideout, hidden in the middle of Kysei's mountains.

It may have been fortunate luck, or fate that a wise, aged adventurer who looked in their sixties to seventies of age came to explore the hideout to bring back things the bandits stole from him, he stumbled across a cage which the unconscious Hyattr child was lying down into. The Hyattr looked so fragile, despite having a hardened build to their body from all the training they received as a child. But they hadn't eaten in a while after all. The man used Nerifian magic to melt the iron bars of the cage and snuck in to carry the boy then forgot all about his belongings that were there, thinking he could return for them and made an escape. While the man was hoping to leave unnoticed, he stepped on a spikes trap and screamed out in pain, alerting the bandits that were present. The man used Sylphid magic despite his pain to help him escape the place.

The man was chased by the bandits from Kysei and all the way into Sigrogana. He had the ability to use Sylphid magic to boost him across continents since he was a powerful mage. But the boy he was carrying burdened him and he couldn't fight at full power, So as he ran across the grass fields and into the forest South of Cellsvich, hoping to at least get the boy to the Empire's guards, he was shot with an arrow to the leg to cripple him. The arrow was from a very large distance. Shot by the bandits' best sniper. The boy was that important to them, seeing as how he was good at doing his job. The man then knew his life was going to end as he was just about out of focus, having been in that chase for hours. He quickly used Blink teleportation to a nearby tree shelter into the forest and placed the boy against a tree.

Asuka had been awake for the most of the time from all the noise and the movements, but he was too shocked to talk, just moving his eyes and saying nothing. But as he was placed against the tree, he looked at the old man in fear. Not because he was afraid of him. He dreaded what was going to happen. Then the old man finally spoke to the child.
Wise Mage: They got me.. I'm afraid I can't last much longer..
Asuka: W-wh..?
Wise Mage: You have to live, don't show them your face.. S-Suzaku!
Asuka: Is.. that my name?
Asuka didn't know of his name of course because he was kidnapped while he was still an infant. Suzaku was the name of a Youkai that belonged to the Mage. It was the Mage's best friend that probably died at some time. But he decided to move the name onto the boy. Suzaku was in a state of complete fear, but decided to do as the man said and crawled between the trees, trying to hide while keeping an eye on the Mage from where he was hiding.

The Mage quickly used Blink Teleporation to move back to where he was, looking around himself as the Bandits who wielded swords slowly approached him. Then he was asked over and over for the child's location. He never opened his mouth to speak ever again. And so, he was murdered in front of the child's eyes.

Suzaku had thought the man was actually his family and came to rescue him from the bandits, so he was depressed for a while. He continued his life for the next few years in the forest, feeding on fruits and drinking water from lakes until he eventually forgot all about what happened.

~The First Suzaku - Rebirth~

Years had passed and the child grew into a teenager of around the age of fourteen. Feeling they were ready to explore the outside world, they left the forest and headed north, only to find the Empire's Jewel in front of them. And thus began the Hyattr, Suzaku's story.

That was one of the two. But what about The Second Suzaku? More shall be revealed soon.

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Re: Suzaku, A Tale of Two Sisters

Postby FiresTFS » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:52 pm

We've heard the story of the First, what of the second?

~The Second Suzaku - Birth~

Around by the time
Asuka was fourteen, another child had been given birth to in Law's End. It was another family that met the same fate of the Herege. But they were still new in the area. The family was of the Phenex race. And they had gotten a daughter. In fear of having their baby kidnapped just like the rumors said about the one kidnapped fourteen years ago. The parents had to give their daughter to another family. The mother of the girl took her, three days after her birth and placed her at a random house's door. It was fate that the baby was placed in front of the Herege household.

At first Talvish didn't want to raise another child, but Ethna's heart was broken. She just wanted any one to take Asuka's place. Even if it was a girl. So Talvish couldn't decline her wish and took the little Phenex in. They both examined her carefully.
Ethna: Her wings and ours don't match.. She's a Phenex..
Talvish: I'll name her this time, if you don't mind.
Ethna: What's on your mind, Talvish?
Talvish: Girl. Your name shall be Akane..
And so the Herege Phenex, Akane's life had started.

~The Second Suzaku - Life As A Child~

Ever since Akane was little, she never feared heights. She always liked using her wings to stay in the sky for hours and hours, free-gliding in circles around her hometown. Most of the people in Law's End used to know her for her wide sense of freedom. When her red wings spread into the sky, it would send vermillion shades into the town, coloring the winds and causing her little friends to smile. Eventually they gave her a name. "The Vermillion Bird."

Akane always liked reading and as much as she liked freedom, she wanted to also have knowledge of everything she could, causing her to urge her parents to buy her books from the local shops. Such as the lost and found store, found in Law's End. She read about all kinds of things, including Youkai and their names' meaning. A name caught her interest by chance while she was browsing into that particular book about Youkai. Her name was brought up there. Not the name Akane but rather the title she was famous as. "The Vermillion Bird". It translated into Suzaku in Onigan. Ever since then. Whenever anyone gave her the long title, she would correct them.
Child: Hey, Vermillion Bird!
Akane: Why say that long name? Just Suzaku will do.~
Akane was always cheerful and her parents were glad to raise a child in peace, without being bothered by bandits and whatnot. But as time passed. She didn't want to use her real name anymore. The name Suzaku had a much cooler sound to it, to the girl. And she chose to keep it for the future to come.

~The Second Suzaku - Rise~

Years had passed, and the girl became at the age of sixteen. Just staying in Law's End all this time gave her the desire to explore the outside world. As when she was flying, she could see the endless oceans and possibly other continents far from where she is. So she went to her parents to ask them if she could depart for good. Talvish and Ethna were in a bit of emotional pain. But they always wanted the better for their daughter. Because she meant more than just an adopted child to them. She felt like their real daughter with the happiness she moved onto them. They asked her over and over if she needed anything but the brave girl didn't take more than a rusty piece of iron she thought was a sword with her.

Finally, it was time for Akane to head out of Law's End. She bid her farewell to all the people she had become friends with there and departed to the far lands. Her destination being Sigrogana. Of course she had to pass by Oniga to use their Mages' Portal service. Heading to Tannis as her first checkpoint. Then from there, she went to Cellsvich to get interviewed by the empire. And thus began the younger Suzaku's journey.

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