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[Karaten Private Corporation] Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:17 am
by StrawberryJam
Notes to Self

(Status: Nearing Final Revision. | Update: Renamed E.I P.M.Cs to E.I Mercenaries and Special Agents to Field Agents. 'Corporate General Structure' picture changed to reflect changes. | Future updates: Add list of ranks for the different jobs. Add enchanters, blacksmiths, alchemists and portal mages somewhere in there. Mention the jobs mechanations have within E.I HQ. | Last edit was on 5/4/2017, yay!)


Yellow, this is my first post, nice to meet you all! I finally decided to make an account here on the forums after working on this project on and off while finishing up this year in college. I fleshed this idea out because of how much I love working on it, and decided posting it on the forums would help me keep better track of my progress as I fine tune everything. I welcome replies regarding my project, and if I find them constructive enough, I will make edits accordingly. I also welcome greetings, hugs, or offerings of lemonade, strawberries, glazed donuts, and other goodies if you happen to not have any feedback.

I'll give a quick rundown as to how this little project got started. One day, Dystopia noticed a few things in the background story to one my characters and asked politely if I could edit some details. I complied, and thanks to her help & patience, I got new ideas that I could make happen on SL2 for my and possibly other people's enjoyment.

I hope you all enjoy and that perhaps the work I have put into this project will inspire you to come up with ideas of your own to make SL2 fun in your very special own way.

Table of Contents

General Corporation Structure...
The Administration...
The Departments...
Department Insignias...
Chain of Command...
Standard Field Equipment...
Eclipse Intelligence, Inc's. Mission...

Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Corporation Logo


"Yo~ho! That's as faar as youu goo! I'm going to have to ask you to turn back now, or what happens next woooon't be preetty! Mhm~!"


Eclipse Intelligence, Inc (or E.I for short) is a private Karaten based corporation, meaning that it acts independently from the Karaten government. As the name suggests, this private corporation specializes in the intelligence sector, gathering intelligence which it then sells to interested parties at high prices. The corporation also has a strong presence in the security sector, and more recently, research and development.

While the corporation's main method of obtaining money is through the selling of information, the corporation also earns money from people hiring their many guns for hire, as well as contributions to Karaten made from the R&D Department.

General Corporation Structure


The Administration


Only the calming sounds of a gentle breeze can be heard here.

At the highest point of the corporation's building lies the heart of the corporation; the administration. This part of the building is dead quiet. Walking down the center hallway will lead you to a door. Upon opening the door, you will be greeted with a beautiful sight; a cozy little room with a single desk at the center. Windows line one side of the wall, a shimmer of light pouring in through them, basking the room in a warm and comfortable glow during daylight hours. Looking out through the windows is a pleasant view of Karaten's public sector.

The following members of the administration can occasionally be found here:

CEO - The CEO of the corporation oversees the general management of the corporation, along with setting the corporation's mission. The CEO must answer to the vice president and board of directors to confirm everyone is on the same page.

Vice President - The vice president is the pipeline for communications between the CEO and the board of directors. Any wants or needs the board of directors have, will first have to be reported to the vice president, who will then escalate the report to the CEO.

Board of Directors - The board of directors is the last piece that holds the administration together. The board is made up of the director of intelligence, security, and research and development. The three directors help oversee the corporation.

The Departments

Intelligence Department


"Hey, how long do you think you're going to get a drink of water for? Trying to skip out on all the work, huh?"
"This coffee tastes pretty fucking awful, but it's all we have."
"I'm tired..."
"I don't care, read the papers over for me and make sure the information is all correct."

The intelligence department is a bustling department, with office workers working like busy bees, with the queen bee, the intelligence director, supervising the organized chaos. Papers are strewn over tables, chairs are left jutting halfway out of their desks, the smell of coffee and landlaughter hanging over the room as its occupants work underneath the white glow of the lights overhead. Bodies shift from one side of the room to the other, "Excuse me," and "Working on it," and "Behind you," are the words that buzz in the air constantly.

Out of all departments, the intelligence department has the most desks in use, utilized by the 'pencil pushers' of the corporation who go unnoticed in the world of Sigrogana that help make this department.

The following roles work in this department:

Intelligence Director - Manages the intelligence department and associated personnel.

Intelligence Officer - Coordinate with field agents and set priorities for them. Document intelligence gathered from field agents.

Field Agent - Travel to various continents. Gather intelligence pertaining to B.D.P sightings, monsters, caravan routes, the economy, politics, and other areas that are worth looking into. Information is of value to someone, somewhere, and as long as that holds true, money can be made using the information learned.

Security Department


"Security department's closed for tonight. Why I'm still up here? Just doing some last minute work. I know it isn't a good habit, but I get things done. Anyway, let's go, I was just about to lock up, before the security team starts its sweep."

The security department is instantly recognizable by its hallways, which have a single streak of red running along both the left and right walls, leading to other areas of the department. It is here where the corporation's lawyers put pen to paper in their offices, to make sure the corporation isn't sued for a field agent's mistake on the field. The quartermaster can also be found here, supplying equipment to E.Is personnel, with the occasional 'special delivery' of landlaughter that some staff member bribes the quartermaster to obtain.

The locker room is where the armed members of the security department change into their uniforms and prepare for the day's shift. There is also a break room for security staff. A special cache of firearms are kept safe within the security department's armory, behind a locked and booby-trapped metallic door. Only the security director can lift the lock-down on the door. Attempts made to brute force the door won't end well.

The following roles work in this department:

Security Director - Manage the security department and associated personnel.

E.I Special Forces (E.I.S.K) - Bend to the corporation's will and become its sword. Respond to situations the corporation deems too risky for other personnel to handle.

E.I Security Team - Keep E.I's HQ in Karaten safe. Divided into two types of guards: Inner perimeter and outer perimeter guards.

E.I Mercenary - As a trained mercenary, work on contracts E.I was hired for by travelling out to the various continents where needed. E.I Mercenaries are the corporation's guns-for-hire that can be contracted by people.

R&D Department


"The labs are so much more neater than the workshops."
"Meh. Depends who's workplace it is you're walking into."
"True. Whatcha' working on there?"
"Just repairing someone's gun."
"That's funny."
"Let me guess. You need your's repaired, also?"

The hallways of the R&D department are always kept in presentable condition, bright white lights, clean white walls, and shiny white floors. Stepping out into a dark Karaten night and back into R&D's hallways, or vice versa, can easily make anyone go temporarily blind.

There are labs for researchers and workshops for engineers. Most labs are usually spotless and tidy, in contrast to the messy, oil stained floors of the workshops. It should be noted that the appearance and condition of the labs and workshops can vary depending on the person using them, which allows many of the staff working in this department to personalize their working areas to their heart's content.

The following roles work in this department:

R&D Director - Manage the R&D department and its associated personnel.

Researcher - Conduct research in any area of interest, from B.D.Ps, monsters and spirits, to alchemy and enchantments.

Engineer - Repair equipment, work with a researcher who holds a similar area of interest, construct mechanations with permission from the Karaten government.

Department Insignias

Personnel from different departments have different insignias on their uniforms to show which department they work in. To make different jobs within the same departments stand out, uniforms are accompanied with a person's job title. For example, a member of E.I.S.K having the letters E.I.S.K on the back of their uniform/tactical vest, or an engineer having the abbreviation 'Eng' on the shoulder of their uniform.

Those who are not under a particular department simply have the company logo as their insignia, or sometimes have no insignia at all.

Intelligence Department Insignia

Security Department Insignia

R&D Department Insignia

Chain of Command

Intelligence Department

The Intelligence Director has full power within this department.

Intelligence officers cannot be outranked by field agents. Intelligence officers have their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other intelligence officers.

Field agents have their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other field agents.

Security Department

The Security Director has full power within this department.

E.I.S.K cannot be outranked by the security team or mercenaries. E.I.S.K are referred to by their assigned number in German. Eins (one) would have the most authority over other E.I.S.K, with zwei (two) coming in second, and drei (three) coming in third, and so on.

The security team cannot be outranked by mercenaries. The security team has their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other security team members.

Mercenaries are assigned NATO callsigns. Mercenaries have their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other mercenaries. Mercenaries may also work in squads, where the mercenary with the most seniority will be made the squad leader.

R&D Department

The R&D Director has full power within this department.

Researchers have their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other researchers. Senior researchers may receive more attention from the R&D director.

Engineers have their own ranks to show seniority. The higher the rank, the more authority they gain over other engineers. Senior engineers may receive more attention from the R&D director.

To break it down, the chain of command works like this: The intelligence director has authority over everyone within the Intelligence department, while Intelligence officers have authority only over field agents. Orders given to field agents by intelligence officers may be overruled by the intelligence director.


Recruitment is handled by the 'E.I recruiter'; a duo consisting of a man and woman who are both senior personnel, both of whom do not work for a particular department. The E.I recruiter does not necessarily have to report to anyone, and their decision as to whether or not to accept someone into E.I's ranks is their decision alone. Although the E.I recruiter does not report to anyone, it doesn't mean they aren't under the CEO's watchful eye.


Once someone has been admitted into E.I, they may decide which job they would like to apply for in a department. At this stage, the person will go through training, or show exemplary skill under unique circumstances, to be placed into their desired position.

The difficulty of admittance is as follows for the jobs within the various departments:

Intelligence Department

Intelligence Officer (Hard)
Field Agent (Normal)

Security Department

E.I.S.K (Very Hard)
E.I Security Team (Hard)
E.I Mercenary (Normal)

R&D Department

Researcher (Normal)
Engineer (Normal)

Promotions are possible. Not all available jobs in E.I are listed here, so there is room for the imagination.

Please note that while most of the staff is trained in the use of firearms, not everyone chooses to actually wield one, and the gun-totting individuals who do wield them aren't always mages. Hired staff each come in with their own levels of combat expertise.

Standard Field Equipment

Equipment seen on E.I personnel may vary from person to person, but the typical E.I issued gear for mercenaries consists of the following while out on the field:

- A primary and secondary firearm and a boot knife.
- A long sleeve or short sleeve uniform, followed by a tactical vest over it.
- A lightweight backpack with the following contents:

Combat Items
  • Prescribed Hi-Potion (2)
  • Blue Potion (2)
  • Anti-Toxin (2)
  • Throatopener (1)
  • Sal Volatile (1)
Support Items
  • Parasite Removal Kit (1)
  • Repair Powder (3)
  • Bandages (3)
Food Items
  • Loaf of Bread (5)
  • Potato and Carrot Slices (3)
  • Plain Cookie (3)
  • Peanut Butter (1)
  • Strawberry Jam (1)
Eclipse Intelligence, Inc's. Mission

Due to Karaten's self-imposed isolation, access to the mage city is as impossible as an elf attempting to return to Mersales. For the corporation, it means there are less clients to be reached, and less information to be known as to what is happening on the other continents. While the corporation utilizes carrier pigeons as a form of long-range communication, it isn't a very quick nor reliable method of gathering info.

It is for these reasons that E.I has decided it was time to setup a new branch of the corporation elsewhere on one of the other continents, to accomplish this, E.I relocated some of its staff. Once a new E.I branch has been confirmed and a steady line of communication established to E.I HQ, E.I will be in a good position to be able to make twice, maybe even thrice the profit it had been making previously, by reaching out to more clients.

Besides the establishment of a new branch, E.I has another goal in mind, which is to find out who the perpetrators behind the stolen magic shell prototypes are, and bring them in alive.

(More coming soon)

Re: [Karaten Private Corporation] Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:18 am
by StrawberryJam
Notes to Self

(Status: Nearing Final Revision. | Update: Character names added. Semi-generic quotes finished. New category added. | Future updates: Add ranks. | Think about having all German job titles. Keep 'Die Stahlflügel' for German gang name? Think about giving gang its own new topic. | Last edit was on 5/1/2017, yay!)

This section is still a work in progress.

Eclipse Intelligence, Inc. Personnel


Geschäftsführer (CEO)



Vizepräsident (Vice President)



Intelligence Department

Intelligence Director

Selena Castro

"I finally get a chance to leave the HQ for once? What a welcomed surprise."


Intelligence Officers

Adalwolfa Engel

"Frau Engel at your service..."


Misaki Kaori

"How cute- I mean, IO Misaki reporting!"


Field Agents

Cheryl Klein

"Acknowledged, I am standing by for further orders."


Security Department

Security Director

Kristine Reiter

"No regrets."


E.I Spezialkräfte (E.I.S.K) (E.I Special Forces)


"E.I.S.K deployed. Weapons free."



"There's a very special place in Lazarus for the members of E.I.S.K. Myself included."





E.I Security Team

Roxanne Beaumont

"Tch. Hope sis is alright without me."


Lucille Beaumont

"Weee-- ow! Sorry door- umm- person!"


E.I Mercenaries

Lily Chambers

"You talkin' t' me pal'?"


Rozaliya Kudryavtseva

"Kudryavtseva is on ground, yes?"


Sonja Kasun

"M-Mer-Mercala will g-guide us!"


Suzume Akiyama

"Make fun of my height. I dare you."


R&D Department

R&D Director

Vitaliya Anastasiya Valentina Chaykovsky

"Yuus, hallo! Pleaaaase don't dirty R&Ds floors!"



Helena Käthe

"If we can make more technological advances like the Salamander Structure and the Mechanations, the world of Sigrogana would be a much better place."



Rocío Verónica

"If you don't know how to fix it, don't touch it!"


E.I Recruiter

Ada & Leo

"You sure you want to tag along with this old man Ada?"
"I do, Leo. You protected me in the past, so let me protect you now."


Enemies of the Corporation

Karaten Gang; Steelwings

Rank Unknown

Franziska Lisbeth

"I made a big mistake before. I won't let it happen again."


Rank Unknown

Crescentia Amalie

"I-I... I'll trust you..."


Third Parties

Karaten Public Sector Merchants

Arms Dealer


"We'll be reunited again someday."


Re: [Karaten Private Corporation] Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:20 am
by StrawberryJam
(Status: Bare bones. | Update: Added more Q&As. | Future updates: Addressing more questions. | Last edit was on 4/22/2017, yay!)


Q: Can I make a character that has a background with Eclipse Intelligence, Inc?
A: Yes! Anyone is welcome to create characters who have connections to or are a part of E.I. I would appreciate it if people could consult me here on the forums, first, so that I know who is a part of E.I, that way I can include them to the corporation's 'lore'.

A: Because I prefer to play female characters.

Q: Can I use a playby you're not using?
A: Yes, you can use any playby, just don't use the same image I'm using for your portrait please.

Q: Why does the corporation have a German theme?
A: Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what made me decide on German for some of the job titles, but a few things did influence me when I first started working on this project. I had done research beforehand to see what kind of continent would most resemble Kysei, and if I remember, it turned out to be Europe, so this bit of knowledge helped. Also, I was working on Adalwolfa Engel's character at the time, the second character introduced to E.I's ranks, who I was actually going to make as a tribute to a book I read a few years back, called "Code Name Varity" (GO READ IT IT'S AWESOME!). Adalwolfa's character, of course, turned out a lot different than I had originally planned, however she kept the same last name from one of the characters in the book who was German. I think after I made Adalwolfa Engel is when I decided I would have a sort of German theme going on.

Q: What is the reasoning behind your character names?
A: Since Kysei's real life equivalent was the continent of Europe (hopefully got that correct), I decided I'd use Russian, Serbian and German names, I'll probably use more names from other places in the future, but those are some of the few so far.

Q: When do you think you will be done working on this project of yours?
A: Once I run out of crucial things to add to my main post, and after I finish up my second post. The last thing I will do is write a story which may actually come in a few weeks time and will be posted to the 'Adventure Log' part of the forum. Profiles and backstories for the characters will come separately at a later point, and will be done in-game, and when that's done, I'll add a new section to one of the posts here. To answer the question more clearly, I'll technically be done after I finish the 'future updates' of my first post and my second post.

Re: [Karaten Private Corporation] Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:08 am
by Yogripper
Hey, I was thinking I could add your group into my backstory, probably as a field agent cause the insignia for the Intelligence Department fits my character.

Re: [Karaten Private Corporation] Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:42 am
by StrawberryJam

Sorry for the super late response (on vacation!). Please feel free, if you ended up using the story I put together, please send me a screenie of how you implemented it into your character's backstory, as I'd love to give it a read! Thank you~