Herb-scented Log

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Herb-scented Log

Postby FancyCyclops » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:19 pm

Somewhere, in a room, or on the person of a certain someone...

(You can't use info gathered here, unless you physically acquire, or study the journal.)
(This note was put here to give me peace of mind.)

These pages seem a bit crammed for space...

Adventure Log

New Reading Material
A bunny requested new research papers from an alchemist, mechanic or a mage.
Quest Completed by an unknown Onigan on 5/33/333.

Skull beats Luck
A Skull Knight wishes to quench his thirst for battle, before he will answer any further questions. I should find somebody who could fight in my stead.
Quest Status unknown.

Snake Turf!
I was clearing a crypt, when I encountered two people, who claimed that the crypt was 'Snake Turf,' as loudly as they lungs allowed them to proclaim.
...I have a feeling that I'll be seeing them more often.

Salvaging the situation.
...Ard had to deal with the Salvage Foxes.
For what reason, it's definitely for the gain of herself...
It's for my sake that I try not to interact with the foxes further.

A Grave Mistake!
I have entered a graveyard at Law's End...
...Awfully ominous, it was. A dead tree, with corpses hanging from it probably caused tha aura, as it was otherwise calm.
I wandered further in, but I was stopped by an eyepatched man, who informed me that I was tresspassing.
I took his offer to give my money to him and I was let go.
Was this the right choice?

Hedge of the Earth
At the arena, I met an Energetic Wanderer, who was training his body with but exercise, warming up for a fight, I'd imagine...
...I talked with him to pass the time and as he learned more about me, I learned more about him. I wonder if I should try that olive, spinach and tomato soup...
...He said we'll meet again. Perhaps that's why I'm recording this...

Disturbance at the Sanctuary!
An injured fool decided to pick a fight with a Serpentine Patriach, over family...
...I stood back, and he led himself down a two-way road of either death or suffering...
...Also, an awfully bizarre wyverntouched that seemed to change on a dime attempted to operate on Ahote...

Ard encountered Warrick and did what was completly natural:
Go full fangirl. ...Welcome to Sigrogana, Robin.

Fight or Flight
...That's the question. Do I confront Willow, or do I continue to run away?

The Fool
At the arena, many people gathered to fire lightning at the heavens...
...It was a liar's day prank, though the lightning was grand...
...Then I participated in an attack against the undead, to acquire the prizes from the ticket...
...The prizes are rather... odd.
Then, I went to cellsvich, along with the crowd. We played a game called 'Who has a gun?' but the game was rigged, for everyone has a gun!
Somebody killed one of the hosts with a finger gun!
The moon is falling upon us!
We're floating in the air!
Everything is spinning!
Somebody became a moon!< br> We finally redeem the tickets...
...Then Furuta entered. The naga was fueled with candies and blew a hole in the door...
...So, what's the prize?

Drink from the Goblets!
8/15/334 ~ 10/20/334
As I and a group of people (Mariona, a small Lich, Frost, a Day-Dreamer, Vincent, a mage and Roan) were sitting around a campfire, an ambush occured! Thanks to the efforts of my allies, I fought them off. Sadly, Roan got kidnapped! The first search was a failure. As it turns out, there was a field of traps northwestward! We passed the field of traps, thanks to the Mage's Stone Dragon (And my prayers to Mercala.)
Encountering a ditch with carapace and orange scraps, it looked like there was hope...
The Lich hopped down and found a dungeon...
We prepare to raid their cavern...
...And come across a legendary knight! But the meeting was short-lived...
...As the other parties fought, Lucky(?) lockpicked a way in...
...We marched onwards, stealthily.
We found a room, presumably where hostages were kept.
I *as us*****
Then, we rescued Grey...
Quest Completed 10/22/334

Cat out of the Bag
In Cellsvich, there was an ominous cloaked man, whom I judged at first to be simply just that.
How stupid of me.
...It's traling off...

How long has it been, since the rebuilding?

Hat got your tongue?
As I entered the arena, I came across a rather... odd Lich.
He was a VERY strange fellow, mind you. His mannerisms, his tendacies to rant...
...I almost doubted whether or not I'm awake. But I'm sure that writing this down will help confirm that I have been through this.
After all, I've been through plenty of strange events.
...Rubber Snakes, too.

Bear-chested, bear-handed.
I've decided to go to the forest, alongside Red and Yakin, to...
...Camp? Maybe. All I know is that next, Yakin decided to wrestle a bear.
Though he lost, I learned something new about my own home.
...Still, I don't think I'm the type for wrestling.

Decisive Battle
On this day, Ard has defeated Alex in a very important duel.
The terms; If Alex wins, she'll stay off to the sidelines,
If Ard wins, she'll be alongside Alex in...
...Restoring Gold? Perhaps...
...I am simply recording this for the sake of memory.
Nothing more.

The Journey Begins
On this day, the Blue-Cloaked Stranger has given up on adventuring.
In his stead, I, Robin Clarke, have decided to continue his journey.
I should probably rest up, before the adventure truly begins.

Wooden have it any other way.
As I decided to bite the bait and enter Captive Moon's quarters, I found myself in a strange forest. The world didn't exactly work right there. I took it upon myself to act as 'protector' for Ard as madness took hold...
...Madness would be an understatement as soon as I got to the bar.
Never order a drink. That's my warning.
Then, I got a look at my dreams...
...I have to better myself. For the Order, for the Voice, for Mercala.
I can't let this opportunity slip by.

Sayonara, Sigrogana
Today, I have left Sigrogana,
Today, I have left Sigrogana, for good, and chosen to join a rebellion.
Admittedly, this was a rash decision. I am at odds with their leader,
in no small part due to not only their faithlessness,
but their disrespect for property.
But I guess he is a rebel, after all.
You need a rebel to lead a rebellion.
The first part of this campaign;
taking over Law's End and cutting off the Mage's Guild.
...If, I do realise his goals are not mine, I will not hesitate to leave.
Betraying, on the other hand, is a different story.

Remember. You are not alone in this struggle.

Luke, Robin.
On this day, I have been given another appearance.
Though, outside of the home, I am Luke, I must remember that among those I can trust, I am Robin. I must not forget myself. Though I might gain something from Luke, I must not forget who I am.

The journal continues.
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Herb-scented Log

Postby FancyCyclops » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:31 am

The entry is written rather sloppily, or relatively so, anyway.
Some words may have been misspelled.

What a weak.
I don't know why I'm writing this dowvn. MayBe I want to Look back and loaugh. Perlnaps it's a call for help.
But latelY, I'wve begun feeling weak, dralmed. I kow it isn't vampires, beCause my nek is intact. Overextertion, maybe?
And and so, perhaps it had to do with overexertion, using too much focos...
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Herb-scented Log

Postby FancyCyclops » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:57 am

Getting Better
I've been getting better since I overexerted myself.
I'm still quite not ready to take on the world, but I've got the energy to get out of bed.
Though, honestly, this whole thing worries me.
What if I end up like this while I'm out on the field, or worse yet, I end up dying on the spot?
It's for the best that I stop trying to mess with magics beyond my power and knowledge.
I should also get plenty of sleep.
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