[Diary] An introduction to insanity

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[Diary] An introduction to insanity

Post by 111none » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:44 pm

An Introduction to insanity- Diary of a corrupted man

An introduction to insanity- Prelude

The age of gods have passed, and the age of the races themselves have risen. In this day and age, most races are imbued with the blessings of their patron gods. But in this sense, we must say that there is one exception. Humanity.

Perhaps it is the sense that humanity itself is doomed to set the world on a collision course, or perhaps there simply lacks a patron god or goddess; the reasons we do not know. But in the end, we must all realize that loneliness is a precursor to insanity.

I just lost my father in the war. Is there nothing but blood, death, and misery in this world? Is there not even the least bit of hope in humanity to stop this down-spiral of hatred, despair, and death?

As I write, I venture deeper into the forest, whatever maybe in there holds unknown, but I trust that it holds the key to the madness we must call life.

What else must I say?

Xander Xiangmu