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Post by catabur » Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:20 am

The latest article from your favorite bard reviewer, Krissy V. Izzy, has come in! This time, it's about a new hit group that's taking the lands by storm!

Voguing The Void Viscountesss

As usually, it's Krissy V. Izzy here, bringing you all the exciting news about any sort of up-and-coming, and long-established, bands of bards! I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite bands out there in a long time! Just thinking about having the chance to meet up with all three stars makes my heart jump with an excitement like a vampire who found out blood magic exists! Just being able to hold Scopire's hand gives me goose bumps!

Alright, alright, I'll calm down and start to explain them. First, let's start with their roots! From what I could gather, VV first started as "Godly Contention's Reapers" and they took a waaaaay more dark bard approach. The music notes were much lower, there were more instances of a sole instrument playing at a time, and the lyrics were a bit... controversial. I mean, I still loved them to death and think Scopire's beauty (or maybe 'handsome' is a better term for her?) can't be blotched by any sort of weird make-up or outrageous costumes!

But, seriously, they thought "Zera's Horns of Hatred" would make a good song title? And the lyrics:

"Come into the God of Destruction's Domain of Death
Be Exterminated Unless You are Blessed
Hath you no crown, showing everyone you cant be bested?"

(It makes a lil' sense considering that Scopire is a Zeran and everything, but talk about heavy handed!)

Of course, this didn't exactly shoot them to stardom as they'd hope (and thankfully) as they did a lot of small shows in Alstalsia's mainland and sometimes being paid to play for a few Black Knights in Chaturanga. Some rumors say that Scopire's parents paid for a few of the shows, but I wouldn't mention that around her unless you wanna keep your head and dignity! I've heard of her practicing fencing in her freetime. Not that I would mind getting beaten by her! It'd be a dream come true!

To be honest, it's mostly boring and filled with shady situations, such as how band members kept switching out. The final trio, who I'll talk about in just a second, was allegedly going to be a quadruple before this mysterious member was killed in some sort of freak accident. They even say if you stay long enough after their shows, you'll hear her (?) sing their first hit song. T-that just gives me t-the s-shivers just thinking about it! Can someone please hold my hand after VV's newest show? Just, you know, in case!

Now to the three who made the band during its "post-Heaven's Contention" stage, if you will!

Scopire - A tall, handsome Zeran with cute short, cut hair done in almost a way to compliment her horn. Calm, collected, dominating, and sexy! She's the clear leader of the bunch, always willing to lend an ear to any of opinion. But if you manage to offend her, expect Reapers to come help you to Lazarus! Since their costumes tend to change with each show, it's hard to explain it to you. Yet, she's commonly seen in fancy suits that make sure to show just enough skin to keep the crowd lived! (and her stalkers with plenty of material, ehehe)

Lovinka - Bubbly, naive, and just full of cute moments! Her orange hair combined with her felidae ears and fuzzy tail just makes her look like a kitten you want to talk home and care for forever! She's seen as the "kid" in their promotional material (although it doesn't stop her from getting a little saucy in it especially the "Domination" poster). No one really knows what a Felidae is doing in a bard group (and few question it when they get a look of her friendly eyes and adoring smile), but the speculation is that she accidentally made her way onto a ship and landed in Sigrogana. It goes on that they found her, singing in the streets for money, and instantly hired her. Warning: Do not give her cat-nip!

Tulre - If Scopire is the "king", then Tulre (it's got really weird pronunciation, yeah) is the princess of the group. She insist on looking regal during all her shows, which their costume designers happily agree to, and tries to be in the spotlight of everything they possibly do. Her purple hair and human features makes it seem like anyone has a chance of getting to be a star like her, but she's quick to remind everyone why they aren't with her majestic singing and instrument playing. It's also say that she has a more sadistic and hellish side to her, yet this just makes fans want her even more! At one second, she could be demanding tea from you, the next whipping you for not going fast enough to obey her whim~! It's really dreamy to me...

Uh, my boss is saying that's all for this article, but make sure to pay attention for when my next one hits the scene! Next time, I'll be reviewing Scopire herself!!!! I think I'm gonna faint!