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[Post Ten] Pristine Parchment w./ Framing

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:45 am
by wickedwinternick
You decided to read the parchment. The penmanship was great, bordering the beauty of Onigan Calligraphy.

Through the Fight, All the Way

All the way, through the field
I believe in you, you'll never yield
Fight for the coveted glory
Fight through all the way
While the great can fall
You will never stop, go through the wall
You might lose those close to you
But you'll never give, failure is something you never knew
You'll fight through all the way
You'll find that glory
You'll always be fighting
For glory you'll always be flying
Keep going, through the field, all the way
Nothing can keep you at bay
Coming back or not
Your reputation will never rot
So through the fight
Don't succumb to the urge of flight
Through the fight, and all the way
For nothing can keep you at bay
You might lose all that is close to you
But failure is something you never knew
Keep on fighting through the field
Show them your moral will never yield

Written by a Lispoolian civilian.

[Post Eleven] An Old Small Tome

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:59 am
by wickedwinternick
You decided to read the tome. Only 4 pages are intact, but all seem to go in order. The tome seemed glued or somehow attached to the Notice Board, making it where you would have to tear it off. It was titled "Tenebris".


Pyrrhic Beauty

[spoiler]Here the innocent weep
The guilty dream with peaceful sleep
Here is where our sins run free
The innocent locked in a vile asylum with no key
Here is our monument to monsters
The wolves in sheep’s clothing, predatorial impostors
Starlight shines not bright, but dim
For darkness has turned our world grim
United we were suppose to be
Divided we fell so fatefully
History shows again and again
The grave folly of our species called human
Beauty in our fallacies
Irony in our tragedies
Nothing beautiful hopes to last
Without change… humans will be the past[/spoiler]

War, the Deceitful Beast

[spoiler]All we see is a courageous glow
All in time while black blood flow
We cheer as our birds of prey once again fly
We forget all those bound to die
This is war, mankind’s deceitful beast
On the woes of losers and cheers of winners it shall feast
Each new era in our time
War seeks new ways to make death more sublime
Losers blame victors for it’s creation
But in reality, it is merely our false obligation
Fantastical borders as it’s vein
Unity will make it’s black blood drain
United we stand, forever to stay
Divided we fall, forever to fade away
Survive the beast
End the feast[/spoiler]

Ruinous Shift

[spoiler]Yet again here we are
Trying to change what is up to par
Start a change
Looking out from a different cage
Now our hopes begin to lift
Crushed again by Ruinous Shift
Closed one portal to reveal another
This era of change is one to suffer
Change is nigh, change is nigh
Let the news reach the sky
No farewell, no goodbye
Change is nigh, change is nigh.
Here we start
Here we end
And repeat the cycle once again.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Tyranny, oh Tyranny
Disrupter of serenity
Oppressor to the average majority
Upholder of the wealthy minority
Keep the borders that separate unity
Do what you can to ruin the sense of community
Tyranny, oh Tyranny
Dominus (Master) of cruelty
Curse the world so brutally
As it curses you so ruefully
For letting you rule so foolishly
Now there is the bad guy, a role you fit so suitably
Tyranny, oh Tyranny
You see the world as your toy
Ignoring the value of all that you destroy
I presume from this, you take joy
Because you wait to play your violent ploy
What evil plan you intend to employ…
Tyranny, oh Tyranny
Look at your Pyrrhic Beauty…[/spoiler]

Written by De Montmerency

[Post Twelve] A letter on cloth, written in blood

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:46 pm
by wickedwinternick
You decided to read the torn cloth, the writing on it, hastily written, and likely from blood.

The Slaughter

Run for your life, for the end is nigh
Look to your comrades, and say goodbye
For in my spilt blood I write
Felled by an ungodly monster's might
This is the end of all that I know
The ground painted red, covered in sorrow
A slaughter fit for none other then a god of war
Blood spilling higher and higher, blood shall soar
The dark beast is calling
Such a scene is far too appalling
Behind him are the wicked, others of the slaughter
One man of lightning, mocking the dying with his banter
A short horned demon
Killing every one, every man
Another with their red dress and hood, matching the scarlet upon the ground
As their slaughter continues, the field begins to go silent, no sound
Blood, and blood, and more blood flows
Corpses upon corpses, left for the crows
These are my final words, I'm afraid
Upon this ground, I hath been slayed

Written by a bandit leader, found in Gold among many corpses.