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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:06 am

A Sparking Ember
Today, I scrubbed the stall as usual. Also as usual, something was happening in the square.
Childish antics from appropriately young children. (I worry for them, being in the square.) But that wasn't what stuck out.
What did stick out however, was a priestly man, a preacher of an ideal. A preacher of something that boils in the back of my mind.


Though, at first, he struck me as once a priest, then a mere Godless fool of the square, then eventually a man preaching a word that
appeals to this gnawing want in my head; a change in the status quo. His cult of personality backed him up, and though I tried to make my
point against him, I was dangerously close to being swept in. As though I was of the right mind, but just wasn't quite willing to make the plunge.

It's a good thing I was brought back to reality from the lofty ideals he preached, thanks to Ard bringing reason to it.
A revolution is merely a full turn, and I have someone more important than a system falling down. (In case it wasn't painfully obvious, her name starts with y, ends with o, and she's a Redtail.)
But it continued to gnaw in the back of my mind. I just KNEW that the man, also known as Atticus, or rather, his ideal aligned with mine,
even as I knew where it would go. It reminded me of that time.

When the pamphlet was first posted. Except this wanted true revolution.

I headed for home and swore my prayers to Mercala once more, hoping She would guide me on the right path; to, or away, it mattered little.
Later, I headed into the Dormeho mage's guild. While I was deep in thought (Or simply out in nowhere), Yakin approached me looking
weary, and sounding as such as well when he spoke. When he spoke, though, I grew angry. At first, I was in disbelief, as well as unknowing.
After all, it was just another Imperial in the middle of their Imperial Customs!

But then he continued. My anger drove me to swear as he reminded me she was married to Eisen. She was cheating on him not even a month
into the marriage; as though she went into the holy matrimony with intent of breaking it.
Yakin's breakup on top of that drained him of all the energy to be angry. I don't know anymore. I know why I want this all to change.
We parted ways, and I went back home for real.

It just gets worse, doesn't it?

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:28 am

A New Year's Greeting
1/1/342 (Appropriate!)
Today, I took a break from contemplating isolation.
I set out for adventure from the Monastery, drawn by the smell of smoke and the promise of something new.
One boredom driven trip later, and I came across a campfire; the usual source of the smoke, along with a familiar face:
(Though I suppose it's more a familiar mask. Or a familiar hat?)
Walter, reading a book by the fire. I suppose I was overcome with excitement, as I payed little attention to it at first.

First of all, I wondered where he was.

As it turned out, he was on quite the adventure; stuck in Karaten searching for Ian, coming back only to deal with Geistritter business,
which is then juggled alongside his medical and Blades duties. But there was plenty of time to talk with him.

Enough time to start with a casual topic, apparently.

I started by offering news of what happened; news of Silly's attempt at training mistakenly thought as alcohol poisoning
and his asking for chains, a small incident of Imperial Customs and (May her soul be at peace) "Nieves," Fhree's fiancee,
or namely, the funeral. Callie had more of the news, but he seemed famliar with it.

But, what was more interesting and enlightening was what came after the words; "Imperial Customs."

First of all, turns out that they were, in fact, Imperial Customs. Curious.
But then, I was given a book, called "Utopia Fallen," a rather philosophical book. I suppose I should've read it closely,
but it had a profound quote; one that Walter had spoke aloud.
"The Mind is it's own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven."
From there, it sparked a thought of mine. About applying it to this world, in that most are making a hell of heaven.
Walter built upon it, saying that people delude themselves into thinking that they were progressing, when in truth they stagnated for
300 years and counting, a heaven of hell. Technology was yet to advance, and socially people only progressed in but one aspect.

After a brief diversion, I then brought up the Emperor; the concept of an eternal ruler being something that fitted this world.
On the topic of theories, then came the topic of information as I spoke of the Emperor's end. How he supposedly died.
According to Walter, however, he never died. This created a brief division, that was then solved as further discussion continued.
Modified books on truths and lies; on truthful sounding lies to convince the masses of a truth while leaving the truth-seekers mocked.

This also helped lead into my theory; the theory of a succession of Emperor actors. At first, it sounded stupid.
But it held merit as it was discussed, how they could dress up the next ruler as the Emperor and claim him as he.
Then came the topic of information manipulation. Yakin's time in prison as an example, Walter expanded upon it, explaining that if
they fail to get the right actor, they can simply change history so it seems like that he was always that actor; the illusion of an eternal king.
It may just be a theory, but it held too much merit to say anything good about the Empire.

Walter then said that it was the fault of Adventurers.

At first, the notion was ridiculous. But he continued, and I found myself listening intently.
Entrust a man with even the slice of the power of the Gods and leave him to his corruption, and you get the adventuring culture of today.
It acts as an active roadblock to proper society, as they could level it at a whim and a thought, and their thoughts often are radical,
Claudia used as an example. I then brought up how we were also examples, in a way, as we believed in a fair and reasonable government
in a world that aggressively defies and often denies reason, rather than the iron fists and chains that restrain the unreasonable minds.

Adventurers are anathema to fair governance. "Sigrogana" might as well be the best we have.
At first, there was discussion of potential for fair governance, in focus restraint. In theory, this would limit the powers of the running fuses,
but as more thought was given, there came a realization; that even if you limit adventurer's potential for power, you can't limit the authority's
potential for abuse, which meant that they could put in their iron fist rule, super-powered loyal dogs at their side.

In essence, Empire II.

The world was terrible because of Adventurers, no matter which way it was spun; thanks to the tools they were given by the Gods.
The point of the God-killer was brought up, in that magic was applied too often to everything.
Not a smart idea to not limit your divine gift and let Man go wild with it.
Magic, being irrational, stifled progress, as it had no explanation save Divinity; in Walter's example, Mercana, which healed through divine magic.
As it is used without thinking, it is taken for granted and other methods are often ignored to solve a problem.
Which also lead into the topic of Mercala, as doctors were brought up as contrast to Mercana; how most priests are doctors and how
her Tenets limit the Gift to desperate situations no salve could save, as it would cause irrational thought to extend to life and death.

The irrational one would want healing for all.

Which also lead to what opposed Mercala to Huggessoa; rationality.
Vampires are beings of irrational nature, their very nature without in-depth research, his magic without explanation beyond the esoetric.
Huggessoa is by nature, irrationality, the opposite of Mercala's rationality.

It took only brief discussion to reach the conclusion.

Leading back into magic, he was undertaking it, so he headed out for time to think, or overthink, it.
But he came to no conclusion, not one within the realm of rationality, so there was nothing to overthink.
This lead back to how magic stifled the world, as it was irrational, leaving only irrationality as the solution to the problem.

Perhaps we're in the world that we deserve. But not everyone deserves this world.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:48 am

Today, there was a topic.
What if BDPs disappeared? Now, this isn't an entry about my views on it, but rather, what surrounds it.
Truth be told, it started from if world peace was possible and it was the first thing to be brought up.
Talk of resources; in the (very, very long) run, BDPs disappearing means certain materials grow finite, but in turn,
there would be more safety in the world and more safe routes. However, banditry would still exist, as would monsters, adventurers are only a small
part, so on and so forth. The talk continued, but admittedly, it didn't exactly strike me as much as it did when I talked with Walter.

Red (from here on out called Thorn) looked rather off. Like he woke up from a nightmare.
Talk continued, still. On the topic of adventurers; how they are special, how they aren't. If Magic did not exist, or if it disappeared.
It is then that Red collapsed. Of course, I failed to notice. Or rather, I felt that I wasn't able to help then. I was engrossed in conversation
with Taneal in the meanwhile, as Felix assessed his situation.

He was having troubles breathing. Felix had to get the focus free somehow. I had to help.
As Catherine held him still and Felix syringed focus from his system, I went closer; to get a better look at the situation, and to be on standby.
Which was helpful, of course, as I was called upon to help with keeping him stable. My self-doubt non-withstanding, I was ready to help.
Prompted, I intravenously ran Stabilizer through his system; keeping him stable as the focus was drawn from his system. Flowers bloomed...
...But otherwise, all was fine and dandy, for now. Ready to be hauled, I helped in doing so; bringing the man over to the hospital.

His case was curious, but not unique. Focus that had to be re-routed if used in excess; or apparently even at all, as tests had turned out to be
the cause of the predicament. His study of magic, as much as it has saved the lives of others has served to only hurt him.
Though the complete answer was not found, there was certainly rest to be had. Leaving Red to rest, I and Felix soon took our leaves.

I swear I knew him. The man that saved my life before. I can feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:38 am

The Motivation
Today, I headed to the Monastery. As usual.
Why is this so important? Well, first, there were people gathered, preparing for a funeral. They were awaiting Father Wilson,
for the ceremony. Or, something I misunderstood. Anyhow, Elvira was talking with Eva about the funeral for Xas (may his soul be at ease)
and of how it was planned. For their sake, I will keep the location memorized, but not recorded.

They left. I was alone. Alone with Vera, not exactly alone with my thoughts, but I made sure I felt alone.
I prayed to Mercala. Wanted peace of mind for mourning the loss of a Vampire; though they were a person nonetheless.
(I'm ashamed of myself. Almost crying over an almost-known stranger someone who was more important than I thought.)
I don't know how long I spent in front of that altar. It felt like forever.

I felt so alone I didn't realize Yaeko was there.

The breeze certainly alerted me to a visitor, but my ever-sharp senses alerted me not to it being Yaeko. (a little help here vera)
She was in a bright and cheerful mood, as usual, as I wasn't, also much to the usual. She wondered about how I was feeling and, of course, I had
to break the bad news. The mood grew heavy once more. I felt myself choking; which I am glad didn't exactly influence enough.
(Of course, the internal screaming certainly annoyed Vera. Well, she doesn't sound nor is she claiming to be, but she's giggling.)
After much "dorking around," Yaeko took me by the hands and gave me another reminder, likely unintentional.

The choice to abandon the Empire. Whether or not I do so, she'll be at my side.
I have to make my choice.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:59 pm

A new Coat
Of all the things to title this after. Ah well.
By any other standard, today was uninteresting. But it's being recorded just so I have a reminder on what I have to do already.
Today begun with my mind being lanced with something embarrassing I did. I am not writing it down; just knowing is pain enough for me.
I forced myself out of bed and into Dormeho. Straight into a black beast attack.
With aid of my medical supplies (a deft hand and pain tolerance as well), Vera's arrows and perseverance, I helped myself through the initial waves, but at much cost to my shirt and coat's cleanliness, and likely causing worry to a passing youth.

She claimed to be from Lispool, according to Snoot, and she aspired to be a knight. In my usual manner, I accepted the offer to protect.

After a battle that involved administering Sal Volatile to a rather unlucky fellow, patching him up then myself, the attack seemed to fade. During the clean-up, conversation was made, first upon her entrance to "Sigrogana." Lulu was an aspiring Church Knight, one with more youth, naivete and spark than experience and knowledge of combat, which was why she headed for that place. Of course, I had to inject my opinions of the square, once the people began to head out of their homes. Talk of her aspirations came forth, but Soot, in her energetic manner, helped get her on track into the present.

It reminded me of someone.

After elevating her, through the string of convenient coincidences (thanks Soot), soon I gave bread to the little knight-to-be.
Soon, came time to decide on where to stay for the night. Or rather, how to get a foothold in s̸̨҉i͞҉̷g̨͟ this place.
Talk of inns turned to talk of dedication to the family; something I wish I could be familiar with. Which then went back to Inns, along with an unintended jab at a supposed fear of being alone. Which, then also lead into talk of Cellsvich. I can't believe I mentioned Imperial Customs, but I felt like I just had to. Of course, moving on, Soot gave her the responsibility talk, one that Lulu understood rather well, at least, I hope so.

Also moving on, came the topic of work.

First up was woodcutting, which Soot had brought up herself. I worried the whole time that I might get called crazy if I mentioned the spirits of the
forests (doriads), however, the dangers were still outlined. Farming, too, which was brought up as a safer line of work, then came Fishing; the work which I was currently engaging in as the talk continued. Soot paid the girl some coin, she asked Alex for rod and bait (presumably),
and soon she was off to the first step of fishing. Baiting. The most terrifying part of fishing; for the squeamish.

She was squeamish, and felt rather sorry for the worm.

Something had to be done about this. A tale had to be spun, motivation had to be made! And so, Soot had provided a fun fact, one I wish I had been
able to bring up sooner. The inability for worms to feel pain. This was then justified through Jammers themselves also being unable to feel pain,
merely consuming for the sake of consuming as well. After Lulu was finally motivated enough to cast her line, Soot begun to weave her tale!
(Could've used a lute, for the full bardic experience.)
Of jammer-worms, of fish, of the druidic axe Gnarlheart and the spear blessed by Mercala Herself (presumably) Starkiller!
But then came the problems of getting the first catch somewhere. I headed to the smithy to get myself a bucket, and after some time I had returned
with a fresh bucket, ready for storing fish. Soot regained composure as I dropped the bucket off.

Then the contest began, and with it, it brought more people to the dock.

Of course, with it came the topic of portals again, and a rather metallic fellow responded with a question of distrusting portals.
Which then dredged up something; Lu's mother was sick from the void. To say it distressed me was an understatement.
But I kept my cool, even if it meant that I traded in my tact when asking the question. A voice I vaguely recognize then responded that begging
would mean better money, to which Soot brought up her aspirations of being a Knight some day. The almost familiar person then recommended the
Arena; where the "Trent" person he mentioned could teach her about spearsmanship. Which also lead into the not-very-wonderful topic of the dangers of strangers. It was kept at that.

The fishing contest ended, trophies and tokens were handed out, and a new thing for letters home was added, along with another goal and aspiration.
Of course, things got rather dark, which then prompted Soot to go back to the topic of lodgings. The tokens had to be explained as not Murai, though
they were handed out. Which went to the topic of potential prizes, and diving helmets. A brief one, as it quickly went back to enough money for the
inn stay, as well as which inn to go to. As everything quieted down, I realized I should've helped out at the clinic.

They cleared after I was done doctoring, hopefully to go rest.

I went back to the Monastery, definitely to go rest. And then, I wondered why I felt so happy. Then I came to the answer.
I just need that ring. But could I balance it on top of everything else? That's for me to find out.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:09 am

Behind The Mask
It feels like every time Walter comes along, things are important. Or, what he has to say is, anyway.
For today was uninteresting. I got out of bed, cleaned the Monastery up a bit, and was preparing herbs for planting when I heard a tapping.
A face that I never saw, yet I swore was familiar was there. The hair, I suppose, was the only familiar part and only in the color.

The look in his eyes, the grin on his mouth, the only thing that I could recognize was his manner and speech.

At first, though, I was fooled. Played like a fiddle. Briefly, of course, as he soon revealed that he was Walter.
Walter wondered how I was, as usual. I gave him how I felt; as though I was juggling two important things.
This, of course, had less priority than how jarring it was to see him as he was. But eventually, came to the subject itself.

How do I juggle my life?

Well, I didn't put it as simply as that. I explained how I was almost engaged, yet also was a potential candidate for getting drafted into the Mallus
campaign. He was proud of me for it, perhaps because I walked forward instead of enjoying my little hole. Unfortunately, the same could not be
said for the engagement to be. With all the cheesy lines I had in my head, I truly wasn't prepared to make that step forward. He knew.

Even as he said how he'd do it, that look of his said more than anything.

And he asked if it was daunting to me. I affirmed him, in my usual manner. Also in my usual manner, I said something that I regret.
Moving on, he said something rather personal, something that I knew deep down.
I am a creature of rationality and logic, rules and principle.
But I must do things that don't seem to make sense to get to better places. Whether it's because the world is irrational or the actions only make
sense later, that's my conclusion to draw. In the end, though, I am the only one that can control my decisions.

After the conversation lightened up and the lessons concluded, he said something that rang in my head.
But should I truly embrace this world as it is?

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