Chimera Enterprises (Public Information)

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Chimera Enterprises (Public Information)

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The roots of Chimera Enterprises can be traced back to when a doriad acquired a small island, which could be considered a part of Chaturanga. After ordering some excavation work be done under the island, a facility was built on top, and the company itself was finally founded in the year 290.

Current Activity

At present day, Chimera Enterprises is a fast-moving development firm that has done 100% of its own manufacturing since year 293. They've taken defending their patents to an obsessive degree, despite the fact that many of their products seem difficult to reverse engineer in standard labs.
The company has never sold any stock, effectively blocking any attempts at a hostile takeover, and locking in its ability to make any and all decisions at its own discretion.

The excavation previously done under their sole laboratory and manufacturing plant has sparked rumors and speculation about what may be beneath it, but any who may have seen what's hidden beneath are sworn to the highest levels of secrecy. This is unsurprising considering the company's nature as primarily technological, where extensive non-disclosure agreements are commonplace. Even visiting the island where the facility is based is not permitted without good reason, as well as high quality protective clothing. They do, however, both submit to and pass all standard safety examinations, and are even seen as innovators in this area by many.

Most of the things produced by Chimera Enterprises are sold directly to the stores that stock them, usually with the store's branding. However, in the past year or two they have tried (and generally failed) to sell some of their more insane (but still acceptable for public consumption) items. When they opened up this public service they bought a building in Cellsvich, which they are currently using as an actual office.

Career Opportunities

Applications to Chimera Enterprises are currently handled through l-net (found here).

Additional Information

There have been 37 reported employee fatalities to date.

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Re: Chimera Enterprises (Public Information)

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