Band of the Griffin

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Band of the Griffin

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The Band of the Griffin is a mercenary organization established in Tannis. Unlike most groups with rich history, the Griffin's are newly formed group which reside in a rundown keep. Whispers of incompetence and doubt regarding the Griffin's can be heard from the citizens of the land, although a small number say otherwise. Other than rumors, not much is known about the recently formed guild as they have yet to have a significant impact in Sigrogana. It seems that slow recruitment plagued the group and in turn caused the lack of recognition, however a sudden surge of new members has brought life to the Griffin's as they have been seen frequenting the arena and Cellsvich's square. It seems that with recent activity, the organization will begin to play a role and finally receive the recognition they set out to obtain.

(More information will be revealed and edited as the guild develops)

Guild Member Knowledge

(Anyone with knowledge of this information who is not part of the guild or has a viable reason with proof will be considered metagaming)


On the contract provided to each recruit, a list of rules is written in an easily understandable layout.

1.You must not harm any Griffins

2.You must not harm the innocent

3.You will not begin conflicts with other guilds

4.You will not take on assignments without consulting an officer or the leader

5.You will not commit any illegal acts

Any acts which violate these rules will be met with punishment or expulsion.


The guild hierarchy is split in to five tiers which are accompanied by a badge

Sun: The highest honor a griffin can obtain, this symbolizes enlightenment

Wisdom: Given to those who have contributed ideas or have taught other members, this symbolizes knowledge

Strength: Awarded to members who have shown their combat prowess, this symbolizes strength

Courage: Attained by adventurers who have shown their resolve, this symbolizes perseverance

Vision: The base honor received by a graduated trainee, this symbolizes awareness


This guild was established to create rp and events for players, If you are interested in joining contact me on the forums or send me a contact request on skype (Sandoroqs)

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Re: Band of the Griffin

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