The Kota Clan

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The Kota Clan

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The Kota Clan

Clan's values: Honor, Duty, Discipline, Justice, Loyalty.

The Kota Clan is a family of Onigan Swordsmen and Swordswomen that created a blade style called Hyo Taka (Ice hawk). Ever since the Onigan war, they implemented their ki to manifest ice to their weapons. Some know them as the "Onigan Ice Demons". They are very fond of their homeland and would do anything to defend it and carry out its values.

It was founded by Seijiro Kota, with the goal of being a useful clan to his nation. To this day, after the war incident, the clan remains strong although several conflicts have arisen,they remain vigilant in their nation.

Main family:[/size]

  • Aunuhr Kota - Current family head, a master user of the Hyo Taka sword style and adamant in serving Oniga until the very end.
  • Azal Kota - Brother of Aunuhr, currently in charge of training the family members in the Hyo Taka style.
  • [/font]Erin Kota - Sister of Aunuhr, known as the ice princess. She's the doctor of the family and the people of Oniga too.
There are other clan members, but that information isn't very well known.


Do you wish to join the clan? Contact me on my discord: ArkhamKnight#2396 or my Byond Key: MinamotoNoAlex. You can also send me a PM to my profile.