The Yuisen Clan

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The Yuisen Clan

Post by Ryu-Kazuki » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:56 am

Written by Planetary Destruction, revised by Ryu-Kazuki.

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Yuisen Clan Overview

The Yuisen Clan is a Lupine-born family originated in Oniga. Despite being Kaelensia, they are not recognized as Kaelensia by nationality, origin, or ethnicity, but fully Onigan due to being born on Onigan soil. The Yuisen have been around for three centuries, having been engendered by Yasuhiro Yuisen after Heaven’s Contention. The Yuisen are a proud, if at times irascible family who protect their own and love their own above all else. The Yuisen’s main form of commerce is crafting and selling weapons to the public, along with providing military assistance to the Onigan Empire. The Yuisen are most famously known for having assisted Oniga in the Oniga-Sigrogana war ‘about ten years ago’, being one of the many front lines. The most prominent Yuisen during this time period was the current clan leader and the eponymous Yuisen Bloody Fang, Atikita Yuisen.

All children born to a Yuisen are Lupine and follow the trade-mark blue eyes and silver hair. Many have speculated that the Yuisen all seem to look so similar due to in-breeding, but this entirely false. No Yuisen is allowed to wed within the family, and must all wed exclusively – without exception – outside the family. When Yuisen marry, they are not allowed to take the last name of their spouse. Children born of Yuisen must also bear the surname Yuisen upon birth and until death.

Most Yuisen follow the immortal laws of the Goddess of Life, Mercala, while others pay hallowed reverence to Ryart, the Gold Dragon, whom once protected Oniga from being conquered by Zera. Others – though a select few – still pay homage to Bai Ki, the original protector of Oniga, despite having been slain.
The Yuisen women tend to be master chefs and also great combatants. Not many magic users are born into the Yuisen, but great swordsmen and swordswomen are born into the Yuisen, almost as if by default.

The Yuisen are known for their cavorting parties and cantankerous dinners, but aren’t averse to hosting extremely poised and elegant events once in a while.

Prominent Yuisen Members

Yasuhiro Yuisen: Founder and First Clan Leader; deceased
Takehiro Yuisen: Second Clan Leader; deceased
Atikita Yuisen: Third Clan Leader; Yuisen Bloody Fang; retired, elder
Yumiki Yuisen: Head Priestess; Fourth Clan Leader; Yuisen Holy Fang I; retired, elder
Amiki Yuisen: Delegations Premier; Fourth Clan Leader; Yuisen Arcane Fang I; retired, elder
Tsugashi Yuisen: Fifth Clan Leader; deceased
Kimiko Yuisen: Sixth Clan Leader; current Clan Leader
Mikazuki Yuisen: Yuisen Princess, Clan Leader heir
Sinrah Yuisen: Yuisen Princess; Clan Leader incumbent
Tsukino Yuisen: Yuisen Princess; rogue; Yuisen Arcane Fang II incumbent
Yua Yuisen: Yuisen Princess; Intelligence Board Administrator
Sayumi Yuisen:Yuisen Princess; Kyaputen; Army Captain
Kiyoshi Yuisen: Yuisen Prince; Shogun; Army General

OOC Information

Contact Ryu-Kazuki on the forums, or Skype for details on joining the Yuisen.
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