[Board] Les Sang Blancs Bar

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[Board] Les Sang Blancs Bar

Post by Aqua » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:47 pm

Various fliers would be pinned around Cellsvich, advertising a newly opened bar

Les Sang Blancs is proud to invite you to their newly open bar in the western housing district of cellsvich.

Les sang blancs have recently opened this bar to the public and are looking for bar waiters/maids there is another aspect to it however the owners have refused to state in public what they are.


OOC Note: The bar is always open to people and they are more than welcome to use it to socialise if you wish for drinks and food feel free to ask for a member of the Les Sang Blancs over OOC chat or whichever . If you wish to know more on the full guild feel free to message Trapple#3061 for more information.

P.S: This has been posted on behalf of the guild leader.