Ivory Charge Information

Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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Ivory Charge Information

Postby Kavoir » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:42 am

[Mixed RP/OOC Service]
The Ivory Charge is now officially open, so please feel free to stop by. We offer an assortment of delicious Alstalsian foods and delicacies accompanied by some of the best ambience around. Customers are free to relax in our lounge as they enjoy their meal. Those who enjoy contributing to the ambience more than they enjoy experiencing it can arrange to perform on our performance stage. For those looking to spice up their own party, we also offer catering services. If what you’ve heard so far appeals to you, then come over and experience for yourself all that we have to offer. The Ivory Charge is located in the northern Cellsvich residential area. It should be one of the first buildings you see.

I will try to be around as often as possible, but if no one is available/present then feel free to order from the menu and RP. I only ask that you don’t complain about the lack of service.
If you wish to apply a job do that here: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3899 There is an autoshopkeep inside that I try to keep stocked with food.
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