[Board] Caccia Rossa Now Hiring

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[Board] Caccia Rossa Now Hiring

Postby GSM » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:22 pm

Caccia Rossa

An advertisement of an organization with a peculiar symbol, lined red with a black background, appears to have made its way onto the notice board.


In big and fanciful letters at the top, in Common, Alstalsian, Chataran, and Onigan writing, the name "Caccia Rossa" is scrawled to head the paper.

There is writing underneath the large branding...

To those interested in glory, thrills, danger, and a taste of Alstalsian beast slaying, the Caccia Rossa are now open. But who exactly are we?

We are an Alstalsian group of monster hunters, native to the wondrous lands and dangerous hunts. Having departed from Alstalsia recently to take base in Sigrogana, we seek your aid and skills in hunting and fighting, clearing Black Door Phenomena for those unable to fight. Pay is appropriate to one's work.

If a job such as this interests you, do not hesitate to contact us.

-Odin of Redgate (Founder)
-Jaque of Redgate (Co-Founder)

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Re: [Board] Caccia Rossa Now Hiring

Postby Ryuzaki » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:12 pm

Tacked under this notice is another, written in similar fonts although with different styling to the handwriting. It simply reads:

In regards to our recent opening, we are also currently offering our services to those currently undergoing issues with said beasts, any and all who are having trouble with monsters or other unruly creatures should seek us out immediately for a quick, clean and reasonably priced extermination.

Furthermore, other services are to be offered for reasonable rates, including but not limited to:

Alstalsian grade Alchemy experience
Echorite Weaponry sales
Bestiary consultation
Minor lessons for would-be hunters
And much, much more.

For more information, seek out Ser Jaque, or one of Caccia Rossa's representatives.

A faint signature, signed in Chataran rests beneath the text, along with a small rune identical to the symbol on the post above.

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