Grieving Apocalypse

Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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Grieving Apocalypse

Post by Fern » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:02 pm

Attack of the Parasites: Cellsvich Suffers

Cellsvich was bustling, as per usual. The citizens were at peace, the day had been bright and cheery. Guards happily patrolled the streets, with no one suspecting a thing. However, something had come to abruptly end the era of peace, the serene atmosphere grew tense, when guards began mobilizing their defenses.

Fort Arjav was under assault.

Guards were called from patrols, withdrawing from the fields to rush to the aid of the prison. Should the prisoners be let loose into the world, there would be crime rampant. As the guards were called into action, it soon became apparent that it was none other than a distraction, as the few guards that remained to defend Cellsvich were soon met with a terrible enemy that had decided to resurface.

Grief Parasites. They came by the dozens, storming the gate as Air was unable to keep them at bay. Swarm upon swarm, a mass of black death came battering the large gates, breaking through as what guards remained held the line, only to fall from overwhelming numbers. The sudden assault came through the front and immediately filled the city, as common folk and nobles alike fled for their lives.

The guards were few, with many still busy at Fort Arjav, or returning from their patrols elsewhere. But heroes rose up in the chaos, refusing to let the peace be broken while they still stood. Many heroes came to Cellsvich's defenses, standing shoulder to shoulder with every man and woman that refused to let evil win. Although they could not save every civilian nor every guard, the heroes fought valiantly against the black tide of Grief parasites. Many heroes fell, but many more stood ready to replace those that had been defeated.

Eventually, the guards that were defending Fort Arjav were able to keep the prisoners and the assaulting black parasites at bay, repelling their surprise attack. Those that could fight immediately charged from the fort and sought to aid Cellsvich while people struggled to maintain the defensive line. Guards that were finally reaching Arjav soon joined the rushed aid, as well as heroes that heard of the attack and desired to be of use to the people.

Together, the defenders of Cellsvich and those arriving as reinforcements flanked the parasites in a pincer attack, pushing them between the defense line and the advancing heroes. The Parasites were annihilated by the combined effort of the people, saving Cellsvich from certain doom. However, their moment of triumph was brought to a sudden end by the appearance of the man behind the attack himself.

Arael Schlager.

He had arrived to declare war upon the emperor, upon the age of peace that has long reigned in Sigrogana. Heroes still fresh from the fight immediately attacked, only to have their attacks repelled by the parasites brought with Arael. With his declaration and intent known, the mastermind fled in a flash of light, leaving the heroes to stew in their surrounding.

No building was left untouched, no house of any size was without severe damage. Within the aftermath of the assault, Cellsvich was reduced to a hollow shell of its former self. But there still lived hope in the rubble, there were still heroes standing in the ashes of the fallen. And so they set their sights to rebuilding Cellsvich, preparing for the return of the Parasites.

(OOC: Credit to Lokus for the post, I'm just throwing it in the forums for him!)