Trainee Program

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Trainee Program

Post by Sokuryoku » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:53 pm

Does the world seem to be too lawless for your liking, do you wish there was something you could do about it. Following the law, not your own justice. For the people and your empire? Then look no further, today is your day my friend.

The Sigrogana military is now opening up a new program suited for such people that wish to grow and become the very best they can be. Even perhaps land a spot in the legendary first squad ranks.

As a trainee, you will have a introduction into the force, what they do and how to do it yourself. Following your higher ups on the field, as well as making bonds with said people and peers of your rank.

Room and board will be taken care of for the trainee, within our pseudo fortress made just for the program itself.

Daily drills and other surprises will be given all through out your career, until you yourself finally make the call to become something more.

You wish to change the way the guard works, you wish to make change where its needed.

Start here, apply today!

OOCLY, this is a new way to become a first squad guard. Without the whole short term process of creating a character for the app. This will be in place for characters who seek to grow through rp into the guard force. Starting from a standard guard that shadows the first squad. More detail can and will be explained for interested parties.

If interested, come to the fort and apply at the front desk. A.K.A Ping for me via discord Kira#2130