Public listing of Laws - Sigrogana

Home of the Sigrogana Empire, as well as many towns within, such as Dormeho, Beldam, Tannis, Doraington, and more.
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Public listing of Laws - Sigrogana

Post by Lokus » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:27 am

At the behest of the Commander, as well as with his blessing, several inquisitors and clerks worked tirelessly to hand-copy and write down the rules into not only pamphlets, but within a book to mass produce them for the common adventurer to read. The book read as the following:

Sigrogana Imperii Lege
The law of the land

The First Squad and all related entities serve the will of the Emperor. But do keep in mind that just because it isn’t deliberately expressed in this book, does not mean you have found a loophole. The Empire’s word is law; to go against that law is to go against all that is peace and orderly and will result in your arrest regardless.

You have been warned.

Do not Harm nor kill your fellow man - The Empire does not tolerate those who seek to harm Her citizens, regardless of the reason of the common folk and or local Folk-Heroes, Mercenaries, or Adventurer. One is permitted to defend themselves against their attackers, however. But, they are not to pursue their attacker, as that will only endanger themselves further than necessary. Those who commit to such acts are no better than a lawless bandit and will be treated as such.

Do not betray the Empire - To consort with those who are against the Empire is to aid the enemy. The ‘friend of my enemy is also my enemy’ applies very strictly in Sigrogana and will see you executed for treasonous acts. Whether you have affiliation with the Empire or not matters little when you seek to undermine the Emperor through His enemies.

Speak the Truth - The Guards work diligently to ensure that all criminals are handled fairly and justly. Lies, half-truths, mis-directions, obfuscating facts, and obscuring important details will only corrupt the effort of the Guard and see you charged accordingly. Liars have no place in the Empire.

Slavery is Forbidden - The Empire has worked hard, in its formative years, to make itself as a bastion of hope for all that seek freedom of oppression. As such, slavery is expressly forbidden by the will of the Emperor. Slavers, beware: You will be handled accordingly.

Love will not be forced - The concept of love is not alien to those of the law. We are all mortals that feel it and express it, but those that seek to force their love upon others will not be tolerated. Love is a mutual consent of attraction. Forced love is a unilateral decision that is only agreed upon by one individual while the other does not consent. Know the difference.

Respect the property of others - The Empire, as a whole, grants land ownership to Her citizens so that they may have a place to live in the glorious territory of the Emperor. However, those who exist or have a presence in Sigrogana are expected to respect the property of others. This includes, but is not limited to: Homes, stalls, pets, equipment, clothes, bodily limbs, and anything else that belongs to an individual.

Do not take what is not yours - Theft of belongings that do not belong to the would-be criminal is not tolerated in Sigrogana’s lands. The unlawful seizing of any items and or persons will brand you a thief and have you treated as such.

All trades will be honest - The Emperor conducts his business with the other countries with dignity and respect for his fellow rulers. The same shall be expected of the smaller entities that live in Sigrogana. Any transactions conducted in Sigrogana’s lands are expected to be fair, honest, and with respect to all parties involved. Gambling is not considered honest nor fair, especially when one rigs the odds in their favor. No gambling shall take place in any public space of Sigrogana. No business shall practice gambling either.

Be mindful of magic use - Through magic, the lives of the Common Folk have been made relatively easier than without. However, those who abuse the use of their Focus will be punished accordingly. Excessive use of void magic will result in void pollution, which damages the environment and takes years to recover from. Deliberately and or unintentionally poisoning someone with void magic is a major offense.