Night of the Bloody Moon

The sandy golden continent of Gold, home of Oniga and the Onigan Empire, and the seedy town of Law's End.
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Night of the Bloody Moon

Post by Fern » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:51 pm

A bleak tale begins spreading across the continent of Gold, relating the story of grisly visage discovered in the midst of the desert by a travelling caravan. Those supposedly witness to the horror would speak with a tint of dread to their expressions and voices, srecalling the event in a fairly traumatic manner.

"It was almost like being in a nightmare... we were going through our usual route, and then we found it- a camp filled with nothing but cleaved corpses... scorched with heat, even. There was quite a bunch of vampire hunting instruments spread across the place, specially holy weaponry. We thought the camp was owned by the followers of Mercala, because most, if not all of it was decorated with those reverencing her."

"Do you... think it was a vampire? A foul creature of the night? A wicked bloodthirst obtaining revenge... ?"

"Most importantly. Is that murderer here?"

Fear gradually reaches out to a fair amount of Gold's population, making it very clear that something is going on.