Attack on Oniga

The sandy golden continent of Gold, home of Oniga and the Onigan Empire, and the seedy town of Law's End.
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Posted to Death
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Attack on Oniga

Postby Sawrock » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:24 pm

The people speak of an attack upon Oniga having occurred! However, it was not an attack by an organized group of bandits, nor was it an army from another nation. Instead, a mass of bats and vampires had struck the town in the dark of the night, killing many citizens and attempting to set fire to many of the buildings. Thankfully, the fire was mostly contained, but it was still a tradegy. The culprits were most likely three (likely) vampires that were watching over the carnage from the Heaven and World inn. If anyone has any details surrounding these individuals or more information about the attack, please contact your local guard force.

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