[Gold] High Profile Hits

The sandy golden continent of Gold, home of Oniga and the Onigan Empire, and the seedy town of Law's End.
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[Gold] High Profile Hits

Post by Ryuzaki » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:26 pm

Across the continent of Gold, mostly in hidden bandit dens, backwater villages and small towns, there's been a recent surge of high profile killings.

Rumor states these assassinations are all one person, who seems to favor a particular method of violence; A pistol, and a grappling hook. So far, most are flustered by who could be committing these hits, or who is even paying an individual to do so. But, it seems with each kill, the profile of the victim rises. Starting from lowly bandits, and now hitting 'respected' and feared businessmen and women across the desert continent.

One thing seems to be directly linking these cold-blooded killings; a woman, always seen near the scene clad in yellow and red. Whispers of a name, most likely a nickname seem to circulate through the groups involved. They simply call her 'Violet.'

The OOC bit:

A lot of people have characters they seldom play anymore, or characters their characters are enemies with. Now coming to a sandy hell-hole near you, is a hitwoman. One who will deal with the characters you no long want to play, or the characters your characters want removing (Disclaimer: Please get OOC consent of anyone you might put a hit on, since death requires the consent of another player before you can kill their character and I don't wanna look stupid shooting someone up for nothing.)

If you fit this bill, contact me via discord @Ryuzaki#8667 (Which, I'm not expecting a lot of people to do. So, this offer extends to people who want to survive assassination attempts for the sake of sparking up a plot or whatever.)