Beta: The Great Reckoning

Bugs from beta versions only.
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Beta: The Great Reckoning

Post by Neus » Mon May 30, 2016 12:42 pm


The beta test is currently live. Here's a summarized list of changes, but please see the original topic for more details:
  • Stat distribution system and interface implemented.
  • New examine system and interface implemented.
  • Stat effects have all been implemented.
  • Farshot Penalty and Flanking Bonus have been implemented.
  • Weapon scaling for each weapon has been implemented. It should be reflected in the item description.
  • Racial base stats and racial skill effects have all been updated for the new system.
  • History traits and Legend Extension effects that boost growths have been changed to stat bonuses.
Things that have been changed but need to be tested:
  • I have implemented a very simple adjustment for weapon scaling damage on skills. For offensive skills, the damage should be reflected as a percentage of your Scaled ATK Damage; 100+(5*Rank), so 105% at Rank 1, and so on.
  • I have implemented a very simple adjustment for Elemental ATK for Mage Base Class Spells only. The scaling works the same as weapon scaling damage, so overall you should see damage numbers that reflect this: Scaled Casting Tool ATK (half of normal power if elements don't match) + (Elemental ATK * Ratio) + rank bonuses (these will be obsoleted in favor of increased EATK ratios most likely, but if your numbers are weird, this might be why.)
Please test these and make sure the numbers match up to what you would expect. Also, if some skills don't reflect the changes properly, please post the name of the skill. (Please exclude the Magic Gunner bullets and similar 'skills'; this is meant for skills that scale with, for example, STR + WPN Power + a bonus based on Rank).

Also make note of the following:
  • I may take the beta server down at any time for any reason, without warning.
  • If you are going to beta test and post bug reports, it is imperative that you do so with as much detail as possible. For example, if you test a skill and the damage seems off, or your attack damage or critical damage isn't what you think it should be, post the mathematical calculation for the expected result. Not only will this fact checking prevent incorrect reports, in the event that there is a bug, it will simplify the effort needed to correct. I really don't want to have to ask for more details like I do with normal bug reports. That said, unless your report is really low effort, I probably won't yell at you.
  • If you have concerns about balance or something that is not a bug, I will be making a Balance Fu topic for general discussion of the changes. Please post there, not here.
  • There are a few things from the original list that aren't implemented at the moment, so please refer to that if you think something is missing.
Finally, a few tips for the new interface and testing:
  • You can still click the portrait to change your face-icon.
  • Shift+Click the + or - buttons to distribute multiple points at once.
  • Clicking the AKA button changes if you're using your name and alias; the one currently active will be gold text.
  • Use test-reset-distribution to reset your distributed stats.
  • Use test-give-xp to give yourself lots of EXP.
Thank you for your interest.