Electrifying Advantage

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Electrifying Advantage

Post by Rendar » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:55 am

Currently, in the normal server, Lightning is one of, if not the best enchantment for people that can crit. It does leaps and bounds more damage for the person over say, a normal attack (10+GUI% on a "CRITICAL HIT"). This makes Autohits that are, well, already painful, that much more painful. That isn't the topic of this though.

The topic is the badge that give the redgull lesser enchantment. With the recent wave of updates, the Lightning Enchant was given a MASSIVE buff with the addition of the two following things.

Lowrath - Increases the chance of Lightning criticals by SR * 2%.
Ampage - Increases the damage of Lightning criticals by SR * 3%.

Ampage isn't so bad on it's own, neither is Lowrath. However it turns these already painful builds, even more painful for something as simple as five talent points. they get 15% extra crit, and 10% extra crit on it. Meaning that they likely won't miss a crit with it, and when they do crit <and they will>, they'll nail you for a lightning crit that is 15% more effective.

For a normal person that doesn't build GUI, let's assume 10 GUI with this. 1.(10+15+10). That's 1.35x on a crit extra damage with something that has... 125% weapon scaling or more. (You can see where it starts to get insane from just this). To make matters worse, it only gets worse whenever characters do this with higher guile because it makes it auto-hit hell with stuff that will guaranteed nuke your ass.

My solution to this is simply nerf the lightning badge. Like we did with Quaking Heaven Kick, we made certain things just not work right. This is no different. The lightning badge will only use HALF of your critical damage with it. So if you have 1.5x crit damage. It's now 1.25x. This brings priority back to a lightning mage who wishes to augment themself, and adds variety to characters that do end up using this for the time being whilst nerfing things that were, to be blunt, "the meta".

Thoughts go down below.

Edit: Oh right. I forgot to explain why the shit lightning is actually the best.

Fire enchant generally makes a line of cinder tiles which are more-or-less useless on their own. Have an enchantment for boots that specifically halves their damage, and is generally just seen more as a nuisance than anything.

Ice Enchant is literally just a nuisance unless the person using it is a verglas. In which case it's the only reliable way to get ice sheets out.

Earth Enchant used to be really good. For most things though it's literally just RANK*2 extra damage. Which is poor. When it does effects though, it's usually something like... crystalize... or magnetize. Requires DEF, usually not that good.

Wind is.. probably the 2nd best overall. Usually gives +RANGE to auto-hits which makes them painful and can, generally, add piercing effects to attacks. Lets your auto-hits nail multiple people, which is just powerful.

Lightning enchant just goes "WELL IF I CAN CRIT I MIGHT AS WELL TAKE THIS" which means kenseis will legitimately always take it because they can smack someone for -15 crit evade and proceed to just crit someones butt off. Made worse only whenever they can combo a crit-attack in with it to make them get 3 attacks per turn. The attacks also are generally at extra damage on already high damage modifiers. Plz refer to above arguement.
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Re: Electrifying Advantage

Post by Akame » Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:38 pm

I can agree with this.
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Re: Electrifying Advantage

Post by Spoops » Thu Aug 04, 2016 4:55 pm

So basically just toning down how the badge is compared to the actual enchant? Similar to Galren? I don't see why not tbh.

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Re: Electrifying Advantage

Post by Snake » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:58 pm

Go for it.

Quacking Heaven Kicks were annoying, Lightning crits are also annoying.
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Re: Electrifying Advantage

Post by Exxy » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:29 pm

I for once have no further input to give. Shocking, I know.

100% supported for a nerf; it was about time we had a thread discussion on this entire gimmick.
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Re: Electrifying Advantage

Post by Ranylyn » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:11 am

Wow, Exxy, just wow. I meant to reply to this thread sooner, but that pun made me bolt. *shot*

That said, I see no reason not to support this.
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