The Unfocused Vampire

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The Unfocused Vampire

Post by Rendar » Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:46 am

Currently Sanguine Crest gives WIL based off of essence gathered. This is a good thing, however it does not actually directly correlate to your stats outside of combat. Which causes issues when starting combat of your FP being lower than it is. In my case, I start with 467 FP (40 WIL out of combat) and end up with something like 529 for my cap.

This can cause issues because of things that drain based off of %, or for people who get a bonus for your FP being lower. See: Greenscale Tunic's Dodge Bonus.
Galeon Zviera's turn.
Critical Hit! Galeon Zviera attacks Jammer with Floating Red Letter and hits them!
Jammer takes 8420 Pierce damage.

Tiny Fawn Girl recovered 8550 HP.
Isabelline recovered 8550 HP.