10 stars and you

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10 stars and you

Post by Spoops » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:06 pm

Some 10 stars could deserve some better scalings in the new system, whilist keeping their UL perks, I thought up a simple list, what do you think Dev?

Razing Salamander: UL% on attack, instead creates a lance that deals str+Wpn power+Fire atk fire damage, and leaves cinders LV UL

Mortissimo: UL% chance to inflict fear on a target on hit, If the target is feared, deal 50% Sound ATK sound damage

Reactive Armor: Deals 50% Fire ATK damage when hit by a critical hit or fire damage, if fire damage triggered the explosion, you gain fiery armor that deals damage to attacks equal to (1/2 UL)

Desert Wind: When you cast a Sylphid and Isespian spell in the same round, UL% chance to summon up a sandstorm which deals (50% Wind atk + 50% Earth ATK)

Thunderhooves: When you kick an enemy, deal an additional 50% Lightning attack. If you are over (30-UL) electrocharges, deal 200% lightning attack instead.

Acidic Claws: Deal 2+(4 per UL)% Acid ATK Acid damage on hit, while draining away 1 durability from your weapon.

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Re: 10 stars and you

Post by Neus » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:07 pm

I think it makes sense thematically but I like keeping UL as a hard limiter for simplicity's sake.