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Verglas Fox Tree

Postby Rendar » Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:11 pm

So, since Expanding Ice got nerfed (which was fine), there needs to actually be a bit of a change to the Fox tree.

Namely that most of it doesn't actually do that much damage for the momentum cost and FP cost tied with it.

They all, at max rank, cost 42 FP.

Icicle Spear 90% Ice Atk, 110% Scaled Wpn Atk (9 momentum to use, 62 fp total cost)
Crawling Spikes 110% Ice Atk, 90% Scaled Wpn Atk (3 momentum to use, 42 fp total cost)
Expanding Ice 110% Ice Atk, 110% Scaled Wpn Atk (6 momentum to use, or a friend, 42 fp + extra cost for ice tiles)

This is all fine and dandy, however they do not, in any way shape or form, warrant 42 FP. Icicle spear alone requires you to have an Ice Point Guard, which requires you to have an Ice Point summoned. This can be done by using the actual skill, or using crawling spikes. One of these is heavily FP intensive, and will make you cry to yourself, the other is still as bad.

Crawling spikes is, arguably, the least momentum intensive to use, but also the weakest one on the list due to weapon scaling on most fists being pretty good to use, so 90% is a definite drawback for 10% ice atk. It has no momentum requirement set up, and can save you 3M to cast Icicle spear with it's Ice Point at the end, however it is still way too costly for what it actually does.

Expanding ice, before the nerf, needed this FP cost. Now though, it does about the same damage as other promotion class skills (or even less damage), costs about twice as much, and doesn't really have anything to note besides "it makes ice gud" and causes a bit of a field hazard (which other skills could make better, for much less cost).

How does their damage compare to other promotion class skills? Well I'm glad you didn't ask!

Spoiler because I'm going to list a few.

Rising Kick 120% wpn atk, 16 fp, makes self airborne
Point Kick 120% wpn atk, 16 fp, makes enemy airborne
Cold Front 120% wpn atk, 16 fp, kicks people around, can deal more damage if they hit an ice point
Axe Kick 120% wpn atk, 22 fp, If you are airborne KD target
Face Stomp 160% wpn atk, 22 fp, only usable if target has KD status. Cures KD.

Dense Thunder, 110% wpn atk, 14 fp, consumes 10 ki if available to KD
Sky Chariot, 130% wpn atk, 18 fp, consumes 6 ki if available to soften the target (-6 def/res) for 3 rounds
Setting Sun, 90% wpn atk, 18 fp, consumes 4 ki if available to add 100% fire atk
Dragon Gale, 90% wpn atk, 24 fp, consumes 6 ki if available to add 100% wind atk and KB 3 tiles
Terra Strike, 90% wpn atk, 22 fp, consumes 6 ki if available to add 100% earth atk and magnetize foes. (AoE; circle 2)
KADOUHA, 100% light atk, 90% wpn atk, 38 fp, consumes all available ki to mess some people up in a nice big line attack

Kagekiri, 115% wpn atk, 22 fp, Basically sidecut but can't crit. Elemental Impact
Toiken, 115% wpn atk, 22 fp, Nice crescent AoE that's pretty big. Elemental Impact
Hirazuki, 115% wpn atk, 22 fp, Arguably worse than Kagekiri, but pushes someone along a line. Elemental Impact
Raijenken, 115% wpn atk, 22 fp, Everyone involved goes airborne.
Sharenzan, 115% wpn atk, 22 fp, Knocks back 3 tiles, if you are airborne the damage is 1.25x, if they are, they also get KD status.

Black Bubble, 100% scaled wpn atk, 70% dark/water atk, 27 fp, Dark water, decent sized AoE, Silence affliction chance
Underworld Flame, 100% scaled wpn atk, 70% dark/fire atk, 27 fp, Burn affliction chance, Single target
Wretched Oil, 100% wpn atk, 70% dark/earth atk, 40 fp, Mapwide AoE, poison affliction chance within 5 range
Fleeting Spectres, 100% wpn atk, 70% dark/wind atk, 30 fp, Cardinal Directions, fear affliction chance
Black Static, 100% wpn atk, 70% dark/lightning atk, 22 fp, circle 2 on self, interference affliction chance

The only thing that comes even remotely close to the FP cost of the Fox tree skills is a map wide AoE that does just about as much damage as Expanding ice does, doesn't require you to have any prior set up, and can poison anyone who's near you... So...

Can the fox tree skills get brought down in FP cost in relation to how much momentum they actually require to use? If that's asking too much, buffing up the damage would be the next (best) step. Thank you.
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