Hyattrs gonna Hate.

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Posted to Death
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Hyattrs gonna Hate.

Post by Snake » Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:35 pm

Fire Breath's damage is pretty puny the way it is right now because % reduction and passive 10% Fire Resist from talents only.

Character LV + Sanctity? I've tested it with 80 SAN and LV60, supposed to do 140 Fire Damage, right? No, the max damage I could do against someone with 15 RES was what, 33 Fire Damage? That without Evasion or Wraithguard. (And I will do it again and post a screenie if requested.)

Suggestion is to make VIT play some part on it again, like, 125% VIT, 100% SAN and Character LV, so it fits in balanced builds.
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