The (Un)official Guard Criticism/Salt Thread

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Re: The (Un)official Guard Criticism/Salt Thread

Postby Noxid » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:12 am

Others have said many of the things I get salty about with guards but my personal one is the fact guards can meta call for backup something which is against the rules for everyone else. Like dude if you came to some remote corner of Lispool alone to investigate some crime accept that you fucked up. But nah gotta win bruh I'll press my magic button that tells everyone in the guard chat to get you ass over here for some fun 6 vs 2 pvp

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Re: The (Un)official Guard Criticism/Salt Thread

Postby Sawrock » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:56 pm

Chaos wrote:
Lolzytripd wrote:What I mean is if a crime is committed in say...dormeho, imperial guards cannot arrest you in chaturanga, and chaturangan guards will not arrest them on behalf of the empire.

1. If a known criminal from Sigrogana tries to jump over to Chaturanga and go 'haha you can't arrest me here', it's highly unlikely that Chaturanga won't go after them, especially when it's very much possible for said criminal to repeat their offenses on their soil.
2. If Chaturanga didn't go after them, the Empire can put pressure on them. Not to mention the fallout that can come from harboring what would likely be a serious criminal, which is twice as bad for a nation that's focused on being neutral to the rest of the Great Six.

Imperial guards will not jump continents, but if you're expecting for the rest of the Great Six to completely ignore the crimes you did on another continent's soil, think again.

(No, this doesn't mean petty crimes are going to ruin you in every nation forever, nor is it completely impossible to slip out into another nation while keeping yourself out of trouble.)

I would appreciate a response to my post as well, if possible.

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Re: The (Un)official Guard Criticism/Salt Thread

Postby LatentSparrow » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:37 pm

Snake wrote:I know Papa Chaos has a busy life, but he needs to take a minute or ten from his time to finish his jail, create the laws (or just reveal what we charge people for) for each country, and fling out in a specific thread so people can have a reference and at last, FINES/COMMUNITY SERVICES/JAIL SERVICE/AMPUTATIONS (or severe physical punishments that leave one badly beaten for quite a while). The money earned/services done/punishments handled are used to pay for the damages done, not to give a golden chain for the Commander or satisfy his sadistic tendencies. (idk Gee tho)

This is what I'm saying here. The fact that there is no set way on how to handle situations, leaving people to go off horrid opinions for judgement calls. So instead of people who do the same crime getting different sentences, they get punished under the same circumstances. I'm surprised this wasn't even put in place at the start of it all.

This is also the reason why I think there should be IC training under someone who is assigned the position to teach upcoming guard members how to behave under certain situations to be in line with the law. It'd drive out the thought of people thinking that new guard members should be going to the experienced ones for training and tips. Everyone would get a equal dose of training (Or, Just do what Kunai said and make a reference that people could look at, but it'd take out the RP factor of it all. The only problem I have with this is that the PC Guard would technically just know the law though an OOC forum topic). A lot of people are busy to do something like this, but then again, there are a lot of people who have guard PCs that never get on them, and this could be a reason to get on them.

There also could be more jobs within the fort, like people who are meant to serve ones jailed. As in, basic interactions for RP. Not really necessary, but it came into my mind just now.

Another question, are guards able to get fired from their positions, or are they just perfect and everything they do is unaccounted for? I've never seen a guard lose a position for making bad calls unless they step down from the position. If they're getting paid, then there should always be the possibility that they get fired if they're doing a bad job.

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