Lore Questions: June (2018)

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Re: Lore Questions: June (2018)

Postby Skullcatrons » Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:17 pm

More Mercala Lore.

  • Would you still consider Mercalan Hearts to be apart of lore, or no? [This is because the Guild leader had left SL2 for long time now.]
  • What is average training time length of a Priest? (How many years would a Priest trainee need to become a proper Priest?)
  • Would the Hierarchy ranks of Mercala faith be very similar to Christian religion [Like Bishop is higher than Priest, Cardinal is higher than Bishop?]
  • [Question to above] What would be highest rank a Player-Priest can go before needing to actually be acknowledged to have that said rank?
  • Were there any recorded Voices of Mercala, before Adena Mehana?
  • How old is Adena Mehana? [To confirm the Goddess is a loli meme is true or false.]
  • What is the Faith's view on Elves? [Distrust? Concerns? Bewilderment?]
  • If Mercana were intended to be healing, and restorative property. Yet Mercana can be used offensively. Is this in case of self-defense for priests? [To clarify. Mercana have offensive magic. What would be reason behind this?]

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Re: Lore Questions: June (2018)

Postby Shujin » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:04 pm

Since I am bored and I wanted to Icon something, that I wanted to suggest with an little Idea regarding Alstalsias wild life and hunting mechanics:
1.) What Kind of Monsters are roaming about? Mostly all sort of European and Greek mythology? Can I go wild there?
2.) I assume that since Alstalsia is one of the continents where Monsters are actually roaming about, it wouldn't be strange to have hunting guild associated to the task of taking those down for serval reasons. Like for material, safety and probably some just for sports.
3.) I believe in the past serval Monsters have been mentioned, so I give you a small list of monsters that I sorta expect to be there and you just tell me which most certainly wouldn't be there:

Harpies, Worgs, Minotaurs, Orcs, Garudas, Wyvern, Salamander, Griffons, Basillisks, Cockatrice, Arachne, Chimera, Lamia, Sirens, Behemoths, Cyclopses, Hydras, Sky Mantis?

Would there be Monsters that you would say are MUST haves for their wild life?

4.) Not exactly Lore, but might aswell ask here:
Would you even be interested to have something like a offical hunting guild, with ingame mechanics, to explain it the most easiest: Think Monster Hunter.
Cause I wouldn't mind working on Icons for that. I do not expect it to be anytime soon but it would probably be cool addition to make Alstalsia more unique and a great opportunity to expand on the "Monster corpse" system and crafting in general. And later probably Hyoya and Egwyn.

5.) Unrelated and I actually hate to ask this, but it has come up a lot. Do magical/alchemy potions exist that allow Female to Female or Male to Male Reproducing. I heard people claim that it was Admin approved.

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Re: Lore Questions: June (2018)

Postby Snake » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:52 pm

*Le hits wooden spoon against frying pan several times*

1 month and 14 days worth of Bump!

PS: What the fuck, Shujin? What admin allowed that nonsense? Besides, didn't we uhh... say that adult content is supposed to be black-screened anyway?
Image ~ Dev, 08/16/2016.

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Re: Lore Questions: June (2018)

Postby DoctorMad » Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:39 pm

Shujin wrote:5.) Unrelated and I actually hate to ask this, but it has come up a lot. Do magical/alchemy potions exist that allow Female to Female or Male to Male Reproducing. I heard people claim that it was Admin approved.

I would also like to note that I dislike to be doing this post since I don't think I should be replying to lore questions here but... Come on, this subject is simple enough that I can't possibly mess up the answer.

I'm afraid the likely answer here is that people were joking.
In case they weren't, just remind them that Alchemy on Sigrogana isn't at the power level they are in other pieces of media. There are a lot of things in more popular mediums (Oh, my potion turned me into a slime girl!) that flat out aren't possible here.

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