The Great Lore Compendium Project

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The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Neus » Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:48 pm

I would like to compile all of the available lore information that has been answered into this topic, organized by category. There are a lot of questions that get asked that have already been answered, so to both make it easier for people to check that information easily and so I can compile it into a resource that is easily accessed in-game (in some form that I am still determining), this is what I'd like to ask people to do if they have the time.

1) Pick one topic or category (per post). IE, Vampire, Void Poisoning, Sigrogana Empire, etc.
2) Dig through my answers in the old Lore Questions topics below and the stickied one by Slydria, and if there is a question and answer that relates directly to that topic, add it to it in this kind of format:

Do Vampires have blood?
Devourer Of Souls wrote:Yep they sure do, they have lots of blood, boy you wouldn't believe how much blood they have.
3) Once this information is organized, I can add it to the in-game lore files and/or the wikia, and it will make it more accessible for people who are curious and want to ask questions. We can improve lore visibility and reduce the number of double asks/answers this way.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by ValkyrieSkies » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:24 am

Could you properly clarify what the relationship between Mechations and Karaten is, the operation and legality of Awakened Mech hunters, and the status of Mechanations in regards to the other countries? Their wiki page is fairly detailed on their state of being but little of their place in the world at large.

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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Sawrock » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:04 am

Maybe something that uses Google Docs/Sheets?

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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by WaifuApple » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:24 pm

He's not asking for questions to be asked here, or for suggestions on how to do it. He wants us all to bundle together questions from a specific topic into one post for each topic, and post them here.
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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Blissey » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:21 pm

It's All About That Void, 'Bout That Void, No Safety.

I may have gone overboard. I also didn't quote everyone who made the questions because it'd look a little weird in my opinion, but here it is! All about the Void and its poisoning!

I do plan to do more of this as soon as I can. I don't just want to stop here (but y'all should help too).

で わ、 いきましょう!


In regards to this. How painful is void poisoning? Does it's effects manifest within a single night, or over long periods of time? Are there any notable signs that someone has it? If it is sort-of-like-radiation, does the person put off any signs that they have the illness? Once it reaches a critical state, is there anyway to bring the person out of it, or will they slowly wither away and die?
Neus wrote: Imagine void poisoning as if your entire body had a toothache. The worse the void poisoning, the more throbbing the pain. At higher levels, the victim begins developing glowing blue lacerations on their body, which eventually become fatal. Once it reaches a critical state it is almost impossible to cure the condition. You might be able to weaken the effects, but you can never get rid of it currently. Those suffering from the beginning stages can be cured with proper Mercalan treatment and ceasing the use of unsafe teleportation (basically, anything that isn't Majistran qualifies as 'unsafe').
How accessible is Adena Mehana when it comes to crucial need for healing (see: Void Radiation, Void Lacerations, the Void in general; along with other fatal diseases as well, assuming Adena Mehana is able to heal to such an extent)?
Neus wrote: Not very. Sometimes exceptions are made but not usually.
How does Void Poisoning affect Mechanations? Or is it the same as organic beings?
Neus wrote: Void poisoning will destroy non-specially-made parts, and it can eventually cause the Llarian Scar to break. Though, Mechanations are fairly resistant to the effects.
7. Is void energy the same as darkness energy?
8. If yes to 7. would light energy be able to even slightly protect someone inside the void?
Neus wrote:7. No.
8. No.
What about Void Poisoning?
Would it kill or 'kill' a vampire? Does it 'reset' if they 'die'?
Neus wrote: Void Poison is a special case and vampires cannot avoid it or its effects through 'deaths'. If they suffer from Void Poisoning, they will suffer from it in the same way after reforming. If Void Poisoning gets bad enough, it is likely to cause chain deaths for a vampire, to where they will die, lose power, die again, and then just ash.
"A solid piece of the void itself." is the description of Void Shards, is this literal. If so, do they leak void radiation?
Neus wrote: No, it's not literal. No, they don't leak any radiation.
What if a Lich were to put their phylactery somewhere in the god damn VOID?
Neus wrote:They’d die.
What are the effects of void poisoning, should one contract it, as a Lich?
Neus wrote: Glowing blue lacerations along the vessel's body that appear as soon as the Lich is 'attached'. Portions of the arcane energy of the Lich may become discolored as well.
Was the Void always uninhabitable and deadly even before the Gods left it?
Neus wrote:No one knows.
Are portals to The Void strictly two-way, or can they be one way only? By this I mean, if someone creates portal / voidgate A, does a portal / voidgate B always exist (like an exit) when it is created?
Neus wrote: Portals are two-way for as long as they exist, much like a tunnel.
1. Can you give us a general depiction of how Stage One Void Poisoning would look like? Marginally, how would the scarring look like and does this depend on the body part it plagues?
2. What about the other stages? How many 'stages' are there, or is it just from Stage One to Stage Two and thus terminal?
Neus wrote: 1) It would look like neon-blue/purple lines resembling cracks along the affected area.
2) The lines would get progressively larger as it increases in deadliness. If a part of the body gets separated by thick enough lines, it falls off and vanishes. Eventually this happens to the individual's entire body. Parts that fall off in this manner cannot be regenerated, even if you're a vampire.
1) My question is, how does the return of the symptoms work? Does the poisoning "return" at the same speed, or is it faster due to previous contamination? Would the poisoning simply jumpstart ahead to it's "old" progression, or start over completely? Could a person who occasionally reaches for the Void Magic as a last resort, but rarely uses it normally, manage to "safely" use it "long term" by repeatedly getting cured at stage one, due to using it incredibly sparingly, hence a long "cooldown" period between exposure? (I guess an example would be not typically having VA set but reaching for the voidgates in desperation to escape via RP, or to stick VA on for a "hopeless" battle in PVP that is ICly onesided, while not usually using the class.)

2) As well, last month you mentioned the visual effects of the poison. If cured, would any effects remain? A diminished tint of the old markings, perhaps? Or perhaps their health never quite being the same again? If cured a second time, would these residual effects compound and/or multiply in appearance/effect?

3) What are the Voidgate's practical limits? Is Line of Sight required? Can you drop a voidgate beyond an obstacle to appear behind it? (Examples: Infiltrating/ Escaping a house/ fortress/etc.) Can a gate be created in a dense space, and if so, what happens to whatever is in that space, or whoever attempts to use the portal? (Example: If a gate were unknowingly made inside a statue, would the statue's interior collapse into the Void, or would the person using the gate be instantly crushed upon exit due to lack of space?)

4) Under what circumstances can void abilities be forcibly limited? Obviously silence works for Black Bolt due to it being a spell, but what about Voidgate itself? I believe it counts as a skill, but I'm also sure the prisons have ways to prohibit escape via Voidgate as well.

5) Do Voidveil and related (Absorb, Off, etc) skills, as well as Black Bolt, lead to Void Poisoning as well? Or only teleportation like Blink/Voidgate?
Neus wrote: 1) It's pretty unpredictable, because Void magic is chaotic by nature. Its effects on you are somewhat random for that reason. What may have put you in the 'safe' zone at one point may put you over the edge another time.

2) There would probably be some skin scaring, but it depends.

3) You need a line of sight, yes. For example, you cannot teleport to a Voidgate you cannot see in the Castle dungeon battles with the opaque pillar in the middle. You don't need to be able to see it clearly, but you need a precise read and there's not much room for error. You can't put a Voidgate into a dense object, and if a dense object were put in front of a Voidgate, it would inhibit its ability to act as a portal.

4) You can interfere with the stability of portals in a manner of ways, two of the known ones being sound and Iahsus. Sound can, depending on the frequency/etc, slow portal generation or cause it to fail entirely. Iahsus itself can also play a part in the stability of portals if it's overly active. If you have a prisoner you know is capable of using Voidgates and such, you can usually prevent them from using it to escape by blindfolding them. You can also put them in a closed chamber with no windows. Those are two very lowtech solutions.

5) It can but it's very low risk compared to using unsafe teleporting. You're still handling hazardous materials, but you aren't walking through a room full of them briefly, for example.
-What is exactly the 'Void Pollution' from Black Bolt? (Void substance? Dirt from it's ground?) Does it degrade the environment permanently?
Neus wrote:It's mainly scattered remnants of void energy. It disappears naturally after it absorbs enough focus.
How does lichdom effect void poisoning prior to the person going lich? Assuming the ritual is a success.
Neus wrote: I'll assume you mean does lichdom at all affect void poisoning that exists before turning into a lich. I might have answered this before but I believe when you turn into a lich, void poisoning is "cured" since you change bodies, but it makes surviving the lich ritual much more difficult.
What is the spacial nature of the Void? Meaning, if one were to push a sealed container into the Void, would the Void permeate the object even if it was some how 'void proof' or 'void resistant'? Or does the Void behave like it has at least one higher dimension of movement to go through, meaning it can go around an object's casing to seep in despite it being sealed in three dimensions.

In case I'm not clear enough, a cube in 4D space has open holes, because it is missing 4D sides. Same way a square is not a container in 3D space.
Neus wrote: The void is still a 3D space, but the nature of actual void energy is unclear. Not that it matters because nothing is void-proof.
Does cancer exist? Can you have both cancer and void poisoning?
Neus wrote:No.
When it comes to Void Poisoning affecting a person, if that person or thing has substantial dark resistance, would the effect be lessened? Is Void magic something far more sinister than just Dark magic, or separate altogether?
Neus wrote: Dark resistance has little to no bearing on void poisoning's severity.
It is said that Void Assassins who are reckless with the usage of Void can end up contracting Void Poisoning. How can a Void Assassin specialized in casting the Void Arts ward off the effects for a better use of the magic without instant or early drawbacks?

Nullstone accessories? Specific arcane wards or clothing? The Voidveil itself offers protection?
Neus wrote: Don't use it too often is about the only way. Void energy is dangerous. It's like playing with fire. In moderation, it's easy to control, but if the 'flame' gets too big, it'll start burning your hands.
Not sure if this one was answered before, but if you die in the void/from void poisoning, do you still go to Lazarus?
Neus wrote:Yes
1) When someone is inflicted by void poisoning, and dies due to it, do they have a soul that is directed to Lazarus, or is their fate just an empty nothingness? Do souls die / cease to exist with the body under the effects of void poisoning?

2) When you're affected by void poisoning with no hope left, when Mercala cannot help you anymore, does transforming to a Lich give you a second chance? Does becoming a vampire? Does becoming any specific type of corruption?

3) If you kill yourself, or are killed while affected by void poisoning, if the cause of death is not the poisoning, (assuming the answer to the previous question is you lose your soul / spirit to the void) does your spirit live on forever? Does it just cease to exist straight away, if not, or can a spirit still continue through the stages of void poisoning when it's deceased?

4) Can you get void poisoning from Majistra? (I know it would be super duper rare if so, but I mean "is the chance of it happening above 0%, even if like 0.01% or something?")

5) Can you train to minimise the risks of void poisoning when using void magic, or is the chance one that never changes probability? If you can minimise the risks, how difficult is it, and how much of your life would you have to dedicate to doing so to get desirable results?
Neus wrote: 1)This has already been answered. They still go to Lazarus.
2) At that point your body is likely unable to survive through the Lich ritual, but if you did somehow, it would. Becoming a vampire wouldn't change anything. Corruption doesn't change anything.
3) N/A
4) It's not impossible but it is very, very unlikely. Typically when the portals get outside of the Majistran's expectations, due to Iahsus, they do not let people go through them for their own safety.
5) You can minimize the risks, but it's always there.
1- A lore blur says that "Unprotected use of the Void can cause Void Poisoning". Is there 'really' a method of using it safely, or is this only limited to Majistra's method?

2- Is Void Pollution a mess created only exclusively by Black Bolt, or can you ICly choose to generate it on will?

3- How long does Void Pollution take to naturally sap away the environment's focus and degrade?

4- Assuming Void Pollution a significant hazard, what happens when someone sticks around it for too long? Is it deadly?

5- Is Void Pollution strong enough to destroy the environment? Such as kill plants, poison water, etc...

6- Can you use Void Energy to enhance and power potions and make a more 'physical' version of Black Elixir?

7- Can a Void Magic specialist develop a way to slightly reduce the chances of contracting Void Poisoning with their Voidveil for a more constant usage of their magic?

8- Does Nullstone protection help on reducing the chances, if anything?
Neus wrote: 1) This is pretty much limited to the Majistra portals, but there are 'safer' methods; using stable portals (which are between two set points that cannot be changed, and requires a long time of preparation) for example.
2) It's caused by using the large amount of void energy recklessly.
3) Depends on the amount. Anywhere from a few seconds to an hour.
4) It might make them feel sick or weak, but it's not deadly on its own.
5) In large amounts it could sap the focus from a plant and drain it that way, though that's unlikely.
6) Void Energy is not something that wants to stick around in our dimension, so trying to use it on physical objects for more than a brief period doesn't work.
7) Yes. Voidveil is a much less risky way to utilize void energy than just trying to channel it.
8) It can.
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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Blissey » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:20 am

Let’s Play Some Mancala – I mean Mercana? Mercala? – I mean, no don’t use Mercana like that!


This is everything having to do with Mercala and Mercana -- since the two are mutually exclusive and it'd feel weird to stratify them in two posts. Also, I added a few healing lore bits that had to do with Mercana as well, though that will be a separate post altogether whenever someone gets around to it.

Who are the major players of the Mercalan Faith and what does their power hierarchy look like?
Neus wrote: Well, Mercala's incarnation is pretty much the majorest of players. There are also Church Knights, who deal with protecting her and members of the faith. Other than that, there really isn't much of a system.
Neus wrote:… The current incarnation of Mercala is Adena Mehana; the current head of the Church Knights is her sister, Ashe Mehana.
Is Ashe in any sort of relationship?
Neus wrote: Ashe is in a long-term work relationship with Mercala.
A question about healing? Would a Curate/Lantern Bearer be able to regrow missing digits (fingers/toes) without having the missing piece on hand (say the missing finger/toe was obliterated in some manner)
Neus wrote: They could, yes, though they must weigh the benefits of doing so against the tenets of Mercala.
Are Curates/Lantern Bearers apart of the church then? Or is there some direct link to Mercala when you're a curate or Lantern bearer? What really -is- the connection between Mercala and Curate/Lantern Bearers?
Neus wrote: If they use Mercana, that's it.
Also, what are the consequences for going against the tenets of Mercala?[/quote]
Neus wrote: The Church won't like you and if you're helping spread chaos with it, you will probably be put down by a high-ranking Church Knight.

… Mercala and what occurred that led to Elves?
Neus wrote:… Any relation Mercala has to Elves is speculation, as far as I know!

I'm not sure if this was asked before or not, but how are Mechanations healed by potions and Mercala magic? Do they have sort of an 'immune' system that repairs bodily damage over time just like living things? Or is it perhaps that Mercala domain magic is more along the lines of restoring something to it's former state rather than life or healing?
Neus wrote: Magic is magic; Mercalan magic heals. It doesn't care if you're made of flesh or not, if you're 'alive'. As for potions... let's not think about that too hard.

Is the Mercalan-domain spell Rescue anywhere akin to the Void? I honestly doubt it since it's Mercalan-domain and seems to use Mercalan-domain energies, so if it is then that sort of defeats the purpose. But anyway, it'd be nice to know what kind of actual, lore-wise (and technical-wise) teleportation function it has, since it's risen some querent arousal.
Neus wrote: I answered this in-game, but there's no teleportation involved in it. It's like a really fast (faster than the eye) pull that can't be stopped.

Are Mercalan magics capable of healing disabilities that you were born with? (IE blind, mute, deaf.)
Neus wrote: Depending on the severity of the condition, it is possible, yes. Although sometimes even Mercana will not work and no one seems to understand why.

What constitutes an emergency in which Mercalan/healing magic should be used to aid another from injury, contusions, etc? This is all going by ethics and the Church Charter (which I'm sure there is one).
Neus wrote: If waiting for normal medical treatment would result in the death of the person, that is a valid time to use your magic. If a threat, such as a monster, is about and the only way to make sure it's stopped is to heal someone who can defeat it, that is another valid use. If you are pursuing a greater threat towards others, such as monsters (but not mortals), then it can be used without much worry.
Generally speaking, Mercala favors life over death.

What kind of dental care exists in this world, if any? Are cavities and the like something mercalan arcana could treat if the caster thought it was fine against Mercala's tenets and all that jazz?
Neus wrote: Mercana can probably regenerate teeth, yes; though unless it's a serious issue... Doctors can also probably treat it themselves, which is preferable.

How do the Mercalan peeps view the Dullahan(s)?
Neus wrote:The same they view vampires, most likely. Primarily as threats, but more concerned with containing the threat, since it is still technically life, and all life has value. May require being put down at some point. That sort of thing.

I know I'm late for the February questions, but what if someone using healing magic but they don't worship Mercala? Would the church still hunt them down, or not, because they're not a part of the church?
Neus wrote:Depends on if they're using healing magic 'destructively' and to what extent. If you're healing old granny's broken hip, they likely won't care. If you're healing the entire town of everything from scrapes to stab wounds, they're a loooot less forgiving. Remember, the ultimate goal of the Mercalan Church in regards to healing magic is to make sure mankind don't develop a dependency on it, so you should weigh the specific case against that to determine your answer.

Does Mercalan magic have any limitations whatsoever to what it's capable of recovering, beyond an obviously dead person? To add to that--
Neus wrote:Missing organs or limbs (depending on the size) cannot be regenerated. You might be able to regenerate missing digits (fingers/toes) if you're quick.

How much experience does it require to recover more grevious wounds with Mercalan magic? Would any healer, regardless of training, be able to use it to regenerate limbs and organs, so long as they knew 'Graft'?
Neus wrote: Experience isn't so much the issue as it is focus issues. Healing with Mercana consumes a lot of focus, and it gets much more focus hungry the larger the project.

About how common are practioners of Mercalan magic? As in--in your average small rural village(100~ people or so), how unlikely/likely is it that at least -one- person living there would be capable of using it?
Neus wrote:Typically the church deploys them on a basis of need and has at least one within reasonable distance to known settlements, although some are so far out of the way that they need to fetch a priest from a bigger town if they need one. The knowledge and use of Mercana is highly regulated by the church for obvious reasons, so it's not something the village apothecary does on the side.

What exactly are the Tenants of Mercala? We know their policy on exercising restraint of healing magic unless it's necessary and that they aren't fond of Huggessoa or their followers but what else does the Mercalan faith encourage/discourage?
Neus wrote: What you mentioned is the big one, but she also teaches a lot of generic 'good neighbor' stuff, like generosity, honesty, and so on.

Huggessoa has Vampires, Zera has Zerans but does Mercala have a race to call her own? (Definitely not Elves, nope.)
Neus wrote:Maybe. Maybe you already know them well.

What's the Mercalan Church's view on Mechanations? Are they seen as just another form of life and whatnot? What about Doriad?
Neus wrote:2) Mercala celebrates all forms of life that aren't unlife. I would say she has a soft spot for Doriad in particular, for some reason.

How is Holy Water made? From Mercalan Priests blessing water or-?
Neus wrote:Holy water is water blessed with light magic.

-Are there any Mercalan-related factions aside from the Sun's Ichor and Church Knights aside from the church itself? Which, if any, could be playable upon approval?
Neus wrote:Probably.

-What are Mercalan faith's view on pre-marital sex and prostitution?
Neus wrote:Negative.

-Would a vampire ever knowingly be allowed to join the church of Mercala, assuming they were a good person and upheld the tenents?
Neus wrote:Probably, although they might not be very accepted.

When was Sun's Ichor founded, and when was it denounced?

How large was it in terms of members, approximately? Are we talking maybe a dozen, or a few hundred?

Did they operate internationally, or were they mostly only present in Lordwain/Lispool?

I find it a little odd they could take Mercala's teachings that far when she's still around. What did The Voice have to say about their actions, if anything? Am I wrong to assume she just kept quiet until they started making mistakes?
Neus wrote: 1) 40 years or so. It's mentioned the children of the original Sun's Ichor are rumored to be running around and playing at vampire hunting, so it would be around that timeframe. That would also make the Church Knights a '40 years or so' order, since they were established after the Sun's Ichor was denounced.
2) About a hundred men at its peak.
3) They went wherever they were told vampires were, so all over.
4) This is a complicated answer. First of all, Mercala doesn't speak all of the time. Since speaking causes stress to the Voice, she only really speaks through her when necessary. Secondly, you're assuming that Mercala particularly disagrees with vampire hunting. The issue wasn't the action, but the method; the Sun's Ichor were extremely cruel, which reflected badly on the Church, which is very bad for Mercala. When the Sun's Ichor gained infamy, she was forced to act, denounced them, and established the Church Knights.

Do we know the existence of bacteria/microscopic life?

And how would Mercana affect them?
Neus wrote:1) To some degree.
2) Not much, if at all, but it depends.

Not sure if this has already been answered before but what kind of education system does Sigrogana have?
Is there a certain school that's most popular in Cellsvich? Or in any of the areas in Sigrogana?
Can you name one if so?
Neus wrote:... Mercalan priest/esses will often help the less fortunate in some ways, such as by learning to read and so on, if they can.

While most forms of magic are banned or whatnot within Oniga's walls, how do they look on Mercana being used (to treat wounds and all that)? Is that much acceptable?
Neus wrote:1) Mercana is one of the few forms of magic allowed in Oniga, at least, the healing portion of it.

Why are crucifixes symbols of Mercala? Historically they were used as methods of execution, and while Christianity has ties to them due to Jesus being executed on one, as far as I'm aware the Mercalan faith doesn't have that the to bring together a religion of life and healing and a method of execution.
Neus wrote:The cross represents the sword of Mercala, Vajistra.

Are Curates of other religions possible? Would one dedicated to say, [NATURE GOD HERE] be capable of casting Graft/Rescue/Quickness and things like that with having a bit more flavorful 'trappings' for their deity of choice? ([NATURE GOD]s would be something like a green glow and minty freshness or something. Iunno.)

Tying into that, are all "Mercalan Domain" spells.. inherently tied to Mercala? There's been quite a bit of confusion on this. Distortion, for instance, is a Mercalan Domain spell. As is Apodis or whatever from the Apus or whatever. It just seems that, while not everything with the Hugeossan domain is "Hugeossan" by nature... that the same should likely apply to the Mercalan domain since we have things like Phoenix which... technically aren't Mercalan and more inviting a pseudo-elemental into a flame or whatever which. Really seems like a bad time for everyone.
Neus wrote:1) Healing magic from gods other than Mercala is rare, which is why she's such a big deal. Enchantment spells you could make some argument for but probably not healing spells.
2) Yes, pretty much. Healing and light magic are what she does. Like I said, though, you could make some sort of argument for 'bending the rules' for spells that aren't healing related.

With the Mercalan faith and such, are there any proper ways to venerate the higher ups other than showing a massive amount of respect?

How would you respect or talk to The Voice or Vajistra properly? What would you do if you found yourself in Mercala's presence beyond 'sit down and shut up'? And so on for church knights or other high-ranking church officials as well?
Neus wrote:Shouldn't take a lot of imagination. If you're talking to the Voice, you're talking to the person who literally hosts your goddess. It'd be like talking to a Queen, you'd call her Your Holiness, kneel until told to rise, never touch or speak against them, etc. Vajistra is the right hand of Mercala so much of the same, but that position is a bit more 'human' so any steps out of line aren't (literally) disrespecting a goddess.

Church Knights are knights, so they're some bloke with a title. If you're trying to be respectful, you'd call them Sir/Ser/Lady [Whoever], and so on.

How difficult is it to meet with the Voice?
Is the Voice human, or any other race? Maybe an Elf? I can't remember if this was answered.
When the Voice isn't possessed by Mercala, how is she like? Naturally, she would have her own personality -- or perhaps she is a singular being with Mercala's own personality?
Neus wrote:1) As in a private meeting? Pretty difficult depending on your standing. She speaks fairly often in public, though.
2) She is the same race as Ashe.
3) Adena has her own personality, yes. Many who have met her describe her as kind and compassionate.

If a Lantern Bearer works by binding elementals to a lantern, does Phoenix actually count as Mercalan magic? (I mean, it's listed as Mercalan Domain, sure, but that's mechanical.) What is the Church's view on non-magical accelerated healing methods such as Ki?
Neus wrote:Pseudoelementals, and yes, Mercala tends to have domain over most magic that heals wounds as a rule. I'm sure if you asked the Church if it counts, they'd say yes. As for Ki, that's more of a spiritual healing that is not as potent nor as widespread as Mercalan magic, so it doesn't count.

Is using mercalan domain healing magic considered abuse of Mercana when used in a spar? I feel as if this comes up a lot as it's been slowly slinking it's way in to just casual spars nowadays.
Neus wrote:If it's not an emergency then yes, that would be abuse, albeit on the low end of the scale.

The wiki entry for Vajistra seems to clearly imply that Ashe, and perhaps her Church Knights by extension, execute apostates and Mercana abusers. Recently, I've seen the idea pop up a few times as well. Is this a thing that only happens in Lispool, or do they do this in other nations as well? Are they only allowed to act in this capacity in certain places?

I can perhaps see the governments of nations where Mercala worship is dominant tolerating it, but why would Egwyn/Alstalsia/Oniga allow members of a foreign government/religion to kill people in their own cities for breaking foreign religious laws? Does Ashe just ignore local laws and catch people outside the cities where she's not legally allowed to act?
Neus wrote:It happens everywhere. In more developed parts of the world such as Sigrogana and Alstalsia, they will go through due process, and often times the authorities themselves will arrest the person in question and ship them off to Lispool to whatever fate awaits them. They are almost obligated to do so, because the Mercalan faith is so popular, and upsetting the faith will result in them no longer supporting your country. Having Mercalan healers is considered very important because they are your only option in emergency situations. They have the support of the common people, which gives them a lot of influence, and since they leverage it so rarely it's even more powerful; if the Mercalan Church calls you out, people are going to listen, because it happens so rarely.

There are times when the Church gets stonewalled trying to obtain abusers but depending on the level of offense, they may let consider it not worth the effort and let it go until they have a better opportunity (if ever). Also, Ashe herself is like a walking nuclear weapon; she is an extremely capable fighter with divine powers far exceeding anything the average guard has seen. Vajistra, the sword, is also extremely dangerous. No one knows exactly what it's capable of, but everyone fears it; even Sadie gives its power some credibility.

Ultimately people trust the Mercalan Church and working with them is much more beneficial in the long run than not.

1- What happens to the soul of the target when Vajistra deletes their life and turns them into a zombie-to-become-ash-after? (By erasing the Nairyfian Domain and the Mercalan Domain from the target's semblance) Is it erased along or they just get a free trip to Lazarus?

2- Does Vampires have Mercalan Domain essence into them to keep them in motion? (I'm speculating it would also turn the 'Unliving' [vamps] into ashes for removing whatever soul or curse that keeps them alive, since Mercalan = Life, and Vampires are not Undead, but 'Unliving' according to somewhere I read it. I don't know Huggessoan enough to form a theory, nor I think it is the trick behind the Undead, sooo...)
Neus wrote:1) The soul is separate from the body, so if the body were to be destroyed, it would just go to Lazarus.
2) You sound like you're referring to something that existed in SL1, but there's no such thing as Mercalan Domain essence in SL2.

When is the Voice's birthday?

Also, something a bit imposing, but:

When Ashe said that Mercala was the essence of all Life, and therefore she is the goddess of all Life, in what capacity is she truly the goddess of all Life?
Was Mercala the original progenitor of the nomadic race of humans before the Gods came from the Void?
Or, was she simply responsible for bringing verdure and such to Sigrogana planet (therefore, a big part of life) when she convinced Nairyf to plow a sun into a sword (assuming the intensity when there were two suns was immense, and considering the environment now, it can be safely assumed that Sigrogana was pretty much a wasteland back when two suns existed)?
And how much does she have to do with the mortal soul/soul in general (or in some cases, pseudo-immortal souls barring undead and un-undead)?

It's okay not to answer these because they're somewhat specific, but a bit too much about Mercala's lore is a bit obfuscated (even if the debates are fun). Feel free to clarify what you can. (Don't worry I wont' ask about Doriads.)

Also, you did mention That Big Tree on Mersales. I'll try not to ask for specifics, but a bit of lore would be appreciated for the religious elves that may exist in the meta-canon. What can you tell us about That Big Tree? Any practices? Anything at all you may have already drafted up/come up with?

Also, one more thing: since Mercana can't be used to scan/sense for any variable or invariable internal injuries, contusions, or sickness (I honestly don't see why not, especially in the case of a very powerful healer of sorts, and if being used directly on the patient aside from cues), would Ki be able to? If not, are there any Karatynn technologies that would be able to?
Neus wrote:1) The same day as Christmas (very creative, I know.)
2) I wouldn't take Ashe's eloquence literally, since all she was saying is that you can't kill the Voice because Mercala's healing magic is so powerful that it would simply heal them as you tried. The Vajistra legend may or may not be embellished.
3) Mercala is unrelated to souls.
4) There's a big, magic, sacred tree on Mersales. It never wilts or loses its leaves. It's special to the elves. That's about it.
5) Ki most likely wouldn't be able to do so, and there isn't any common or portable technology that would help.

How would the church react to spell thiefs stealing mercana
Neus wrote:Usually the church only makes a fuss over people using Mercana.

If you're not of Mereclan faith, would only using the bare minimum, lets say just from curate, would said character be hunted down by the church? And on that matter how much do priest and priestess frown upon those who abuse Mereclan dominated spells? (As an add-on to Lolztripd's question)
Neus wrote:What is the 'bare minimum'? Generally, the church doesn't like people not of the fate using Mercana, but if you're not attracting attention they aren't going to be actively looking for you. Don't understand the second question, you'll have to clarify what you mean by 'Mercana dominated spells'.

How are insane/suicidal people generally dealt with? (Someone engaging in public self-harm, for example.)
Neus wrote:10) Prison or asylum, some may be treated by Mercalans.

1) Do the gods have servants, excluding their mortal worshipers, beyond Mercala's Shine Knights?
Neus wrote:1) Not really, no. Shine Knights aren't really servants, they're more manifestations of Mercalan's power.

2- What does healing magic do to broken bones and punctured organs? Magically revert back to pristine state in a blink of an eye like nothing even happened? Or the healing is "as if time is going on reverse" so the bone/organ goes under an 'un-breaking' process back to 'normal'?

3- While healing magic is used, does the target feel even more pain due to their bodies being forcefully mended, or an immense relief as if the magic also numbs the pain away?

4- Healing magic can cure/cleanse illnesses (such as fever, for example), or only medicine/alchemy can do so?
Neus wrote:1) Probably just a dry, boney scent.
2) Yes.
3) The latter.
4) Healing magic can usually only treat physical injuries.

5- Does using the Elemental 'Phoenix' from the Lantern Bearer, 'Healing Discharge' from Bonder, or even 'Aid' from Monk, go against the Mercala's Tenants of 'using unnatural healing only in emergencies'?

6- Can you give an example of how an average Mercalan should react upon seeing their God's magic being needlessly used?
Neus wrote: 5) Yes, though Aid is different enough to not be Mercana and is not as effective, obviously.
6) Lecture the offender on why it's a bad idea, if it continues, report it to the Church higher-ups.

More on the subject of Mercalan healing tenets!

Are Mercalan healers allowed to heal chronic injuries, such as broken legs, arms, etc. given enough reason? Examples could be: that person has to support their family, etc. etc. Would this be on the basis on how the injury was acquired? Would it be counted as an emergency if it was acquired on accident?

Edit: What about healing congenital birth defects (such as blindness. Like, regular blindness, not future vision oracle blindness)? Would it even be possible? If so, would it be frowned upon by the Church since it's a defect that perhaps was caused by """"the grand design"""""?

Edit 2: Can Mercana clear/heal/disappear scarring? If so, how much?
Neus wrote:1) It probably depends on the nature of the injury. Keep in mind that the tenets are all about making people not be reckless or violent. An accident could be acceptable depending on the circumstances.
2) I don't think something like a birth defect would fall under the scope of things that could be healed, since healing is primarily making things the way they were, not what is 'normal'.
3) Yes, scarring would be healable depending on the severity and how long the scar has been acquired for.

The Church has always led people to believe that the over-dependence and use of Mercana promotes chaos and complacency. They've explained why, and done so well. However, it raises one (maybe more) question(s), which are hopefully answered in scripture, maybe?:

If Mercala potentially knew that her boon would potentially cause strife, why would she implement it? Perhaps she didn't mean to, and it was an accident during Heaven's Contention (perhaps when she healed a certain someone)? I have a feeling Mercala would explain this to her followers in some way, because this is a very easy rebuttal to the presence of Mercana, and thus making it seem much more detrimental than it is.
Neus wrote:I guess you could phrase it as not discarding the value of fire just because arson exists, which is to say, just because it can be abused doesn't mean it shouldn't be used to help those in need.

1. Does healing a wound with Mercalan magic cleanse it of infections and the likes?
Neus wrote:It will cleanse the wound, yes.

Throughout my duration of playing the game, I always thought that it was weird that there were plenty of signs and the oracle cards used for contracts. With that being said; What is the literacy rate of Sigrogana and its citizens, as well as how literate are the citizens compared to the other civilizations like Alstalsia and Karaten?
Neus wrote:... It is worth noting that one thing the Church of Mercala does do almost everywhere is teach reading and writing...

What is average training time length of a Priest? (How many years would a Priest trainee need to become a proper Priest?)
Would the Hierarchy ranks of Mercala faith be very similar to Christian religion [Like Bishop is higher than Priest, Cardinal is higher than Bishop?]
[Question to above] What would be highest rank a Player-Priest can go before needing to actually be acknowledged to have that said rank?
Were there any recorded Voices of Mercala, before Adena Mehana?
How old is Adena Mehana? [To confirm the Goddess is a loli meme is true or false.]
What is the Faith's view on Elves? [Distrust? Concerns? Bewilderment?]
If Mercana were intended to be healing, and restorative property. Yet Mercana can be used offensively. Is this in case of self-defense for priests? [To clarify. Mercana have offensive magic. What would be reason behind this?]
Neus wrote:2) There's not any set period of time, though you are typically expected to serve the church for at least 1 year as an Acolyte before you move onto doing Priestly things.
3) Probably. Priest would probably be the highest a player could assume to have before needing permission.
4) Yes.
5) She and Ashe are twins, so around the same age as her.
6) Elves are healers so they are generally well respected.
7) Mercala's power is not just in healing, she also governs the general domain of Light magic. Healing is her primary function (and interest), but it doesn't prevent her from having power as well.
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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Anhita » Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:18 pm

Youkai and You! Summoners and Me!

I pretty much CTRL+F'd youkai through like every thread
If theres anything I missed, let me know.

Hey Dev, I have some questions but I don't need too much detail, really. Feel free to answer with yes and no if I'm being a bother.
1. How do contracts with Youkai work? Are they all simply ledgers written out that bind the two? Can there be different contracts? Do youkai always need contracts to exist within a person?
2. How far does the bond between summoner and youkai go?
3. Do summon doors lead to the Youkai plane of existance? Or are they just a pocket dimension or something like that.
4. They feed off the users magic to manifest. Does this mean they are somewhat parasitic? What do they benefit from this bond?
5. Do they have some control over an individuals body, or no?

Neus wrote: 1) A contract is a tattoo-like symbol that the Youkai puts on your skin when it's contracted, which signifies its soul resides inside of you. Usually the 'terms' of the contract are hashed out before it actually happens. A youkai doesn't necessary need a contract to be 'within' a person, but that starts to get into the territory of possession, and it's dangerous for the youkai so usually it doesn't happen.
2) Depends on the person and the youkai. If the youkai doesn't like you very much, they probably just see it as a way to get free focus and will only put forth the minimum effort. But if the youkai does like you, they may be willing to do almost anything if it would help you.
3) The nature of the doors to summoning houses isn't fully understood because not everyone is aware of them, but Karaten seems to believe they are similar to B.D.P.s, only much more stable.
4) Somewhat. The benefit for the youkai is that they are whimsical by nature and so they may just want to have fun. Normally, it is difficult for youkai to maintain their physical form in our world for very long because it requires a large amount of focus; by making contracts with summoners, they can do this for extended periods.
5) When installed, yes. Otherwise very little, if any.
If a summoner install their youkai, do their appearances shift during this if the bond between them is particularly strong, or any other situation would cause something of the like to happen?
Neus wrote:Slight appearance shifts are possible, but nothing dramatic like your head turning into a dragon's or growing fairy wings. But your skin might appear harder or 'scaled' if you had Dragonscale while installed, for example.
-Beyond the Youkai currently represented in-game, are there more out there you can contract in-characterly?
Neus wrote:You can only contract what you can contract in-game. Needless to say, more Youkai will be added down the line.
Would a Reihou(or various other youkai specific healing) be able to heal someone who has installed themself with a youkai? At least lore wise, and not mechanically speaking.
Neus wrote:Probably not.
Can Youkai bind objects they hold value in to themselves so when summoned they appear with said items? Or is this possible at all?

If yes, can they be brought forth without these items at times as well? Would it be at the will of the summoner or the youkai?

And Can Youkai summon themselves from the summoners contract list?

Where specifically do youkai go when they are contracted as well? Are they aware of the summoners action while not summoned?

Neus wrote:1/2) No.
3) No.
4) They become contracts on the summoner's body; they are aware of the summoner's actions while they are not summoned.
Since youkai require faith to have more contracts, Judgement blade and Healing Discharge require faith to be effective, does this mean youkai have any sort of connection to Mercala? Or Summoners in general?
Neus wrote:Faith isn't a Mercalan thing exclusively, so not directly.
The wiki says Oniga pays homage to protective spirits like Seiryuu. Does that mean that there are multiples of Seiryuu/Byakko (i.e. they're a type of protective spirit/youkai)? Or are they singular, and there are multiples for gameplay purposes. Sorry if this has been asked before.
Neus wrote:Seiryuu/Byakko aren't unique spirits, no, but they are seen as protective spirits, particularly on Oniga.
So, I was looking through the lore questions and noticed you had said youkai take contracts on the summoners body.
1). Does this mean that each one is a sort of tattoo on the summoners body?
2). Do these spots glow when that youkai is in use?
3). Does the summoner get to choose where these contracts take place on the body?
4). If the contracts are like tattoos are these symbols the same for each youkai or different?
5). If the Tattoo question is also true, about how large are these symbols on the body?

Neus wrote:A) Yes.
B) They can, yes.
C) The youkai chooses, and often it just picks a spot where it feels comfortable.
D) Yes.
E) It depends on the youkai. Usually smaller youkai have a smaller contract.
Something a bit far-fetched: Since youkai are considered spiritual beings and can also "possess" you, would it be possible for a youkai to "kill" a spirit, or can they not because of their contract? Or can they just not at all.
Neus wrote:2) You can't kill a spirit, no, and Youkai wouldn't be able to do much to force it out, however a summoner with Install spirits is better suited to shaking off and resisting the possession.
Question Three: Regarding lore, are there generally a lot of stories of heroic deeds involving the youkai of the east and west gates, Seiryuu and Byakko?
Question Four: Do youkai bleed? (asside from maybe Drowned woman or something similar which would be obvious)
Question Five: How are youkai produced? Asexually or Sexually?
Question Six: If youkai are summoned out of combat, is sustaining them any easier? Or is the strain still the same?

Neus wrote:3) Seiryuu and Byakko are more like guardian spirits in those places. Not really heroes.
4) Some can, some can't.
5) No one knows. They come from a different world, after all.
6) Summoning them at all causes the same level of strain.
How long can one keep up multiple youkai? A full day, without consequence?

How far can you control these youkai and familiars? Could you control them from, say, a different continent?

Neus wrote:1) Keeping up youkai is an exhausting activity. I'll liken it to jogging. Keeping up multiple youkai is like jogging multiple times. It becomes easier when one has large stores of focus and is well rested but keeping it up for an entire day is unlikely. You'd be lucky if you could keep one summoned for that much time while in an area with no innately high focus content, like summoning houses, which are very rare and typically mage-made areas like the Shadowless Spire (the Mashiama Stronghold).

2) I'd say about the length of a football field is the maximum.
So, another question of youkai, are they capable of communicating with the summoner while not summoned? Perhaps telepathy or something of the sort?

If so is this communication a two way process? (as in you can have mental conversations.)

Neus wrote:Yes, summoners and youkai can communicate telepathically while the youkai is not summoned.
A few Youkai seem to exist natively on Sigrogana, without a summoner (Firefoxes, for instance). Is there a reason for this, or is it just reused assets (i.e they're different creatures in actuality, despite looking identical)? If they are extraplanar creatures on Sigrogana, how did they get here?
Neus wrote:2) In rare cases Youkai can exist without a summoner, but usually it doesn't last long.
Also, are there any 'special' methods of summoning Youkai? I mean stuff like the card-crushing from Persona 4 and what not, since summoners seem to be based off Shin Megami Tensei.
Neus wrote:Summoning youkai require a contract and a medium, which is typically the body of the summoner. It's quite possible that there would be alternate summoning methods, although nothing like card crushing.
People keep asking where the hell Youkai are going when they are desummoned so Im just going to start skipping these.

Are Youkai capable of summoning themselves near their summoner, given sufficient reason to do so?
Neus wrote:They have to be ordered to be summoned, doing so on their own isn't something that is really thought of happening.
Considering the idea. Ignoring the undead Null species, can any other species be capable of being given intelligence similar to that of a human
Neus wrote:I'm not sure what's being asked here but I guess it's something along the lines of 'are there any creatures as smart as mortals?', and the answer is yes. Youkai can be just as intelligent as a mortal, for example.
In SL 1 Youkai could have mutations on them when contracted... Does the same happen here?
Neus wrote:1) They don't really mutate anymore, no. There are some variations between Youkai of the same type (or some that become a new type altogether, like Jhun), but we'll probably get to that in-game at some point.
The Phase Python is an interesting youkai. What causes it to phase in and phase out? Is it attributed to something, like the void or time?
When you phase-fang, you end up elsewhere. Is this at random lore-wise?
What's going on when it phases out? Is it just invisible, and harder to hit/moving faster, or does it actually phase out? When it teleports you behind an enemy, is that by choice or is it just a side effect of phasing out with it's fang?

Likewise, it's function of moving back to where you began the turn, circumstances permitting. Why there?

Neus wrote:1) It's just a power that PP has, really. It has supernatural speed.
2) No, it's pretty deliberate on PP's part.
3) See 1.
4) See 2.
5) No real reason, it's just the way the skill works.
Can Aquarian spells be used to heal? While there is a Youkai that can use Aquarian healing magic, I was told Youkai spells might be different.
Neus wrote:Can Aquarian spells be used to heal? While there is a Youkai that can use Aquarian healing magic, I was told Youkai spells might be different.

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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Blissey » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:59 pm

Elves: The Empire's Listening Devices ... and Mersales, too.


Clearly known only to Elves (and Doriads, maybe), what kind of political/ruling/governmental system is implemented actively and most commonly on Mersales? Monarchy? Oligarchy? Theocracy? Elder system somewhat akin to Egwyn?
Neus wrote:A bunch of old, old elves rule Mersales, and they're very set in their ways. It's like an Elder system, only all the Elders are in on it, and there's only one 'tribe'. When elves leave Mersales, sometimes it's due to wanderlust, sometimes it's due to Mersales society being so rigid.
2. If Elves aren't stratified into separate tribes, does this mean most Elves -- if not all Elves -- know each other in some way?
Neus wrote:2) There are a lot of elves so maybe not. No one knows how big Mersales is, after all; it could be just as large as Gold for all we know.
In the March 2015 thread you said no one knows how big Mersales is, but you compared it to the northern mountainous region of Sigrogana, just behind Cellsvich, in size.
Neus wrote:It's about that size horizontally speaking. But who knows how big it is vertically?
1. Can Doriads spawn on Mersales? If so, what happens to them? Are they treated any differently than Elves?

2. Is there any specific age of adulthood for Elves?

3. How does timelessness work for Elves? Do they choose when to stop aging, or can they choose how old to appear at will?

4. How strictly is time kept track of in Mersales?
Neus wrote:1) Doriads cannot spawn on Mersales.

2) I'd say they enter adulthood slightly (5-6 years) after a human would.

3) They reach adulthood and then they stop aging entirely. It's not a willed or controlled ability.

4) They probably can't tell you the hour and minute, since they don't have access to Asago Corporation's lnet technology, but they keep track of days.
*If a non-elf person somehow, by unknown ways of the Gods, ended up on Mersales, how would the Elven government react? Would they consider it a threat to national security and instantly kill them, or...?
Neus wrote:1) In this extremely hypothetical and almost impossible situation, they would probably put the person on a small boat with some fresh water and bread, put them on the sea and say 'good luck'.
-Would an elf have a general idea of where Mersales was, from when they had left?

-What would be the closest inhabited continent to Mersales?

-Do elves have any general views on vampires?

EDIT: -Do elves from Mersales have their own language? or did they somehow speak common in Mersales?

One more that I'll throw out, but don't expect much of.

-Can we understand just what makes them seemingly ageless yet?
Neus wrote: 1) Probably not, it's not like elves have a good sense of direction when they live in Mersales for their entire life. Plus there's that rumor that Mersales moves around, so...
2) Who knows? Probably Sigrogana, since it's the largest continent.
3) Elves don't have any special views on vampires, since like every other non-elf race, they're not present in Mersales. Elves that leave Mersales may have an opinion, of course, but it's not unusual for them to not know what one is until leaving Mersales.
4) If they're like the other mortal races, it's probably an aspect of their patron deity. Assuming that the elves have one. They may just have always been that way.
1) Can Elves in Mersales tell when trouble is brewing in the outside world, at all? I was mainly wondering if they'd be able to pick up on powerful magics or whatnot, giving elves with wanderlust an excuse to take off to investiate "for the greater good" and all.
Neus wrote:1) Probably not.
-Can elves become vampires without a real issue? I mean, the ears aren't in the racial menu...
Neus wrote:Yes.
...elves existed in the world prior to the Enlightenment?
Neus wrote:...elves, at least, have existed since before the Enlightenment.
Is Lichdom a thing in Mersales? How about dark magic?

How present is religion in Mersales, and if more than 'not at all', what flavor is it generally?

When did Mersales come to be, and how aware are its citizens of the events of Heaven's Contention?
Neus wrote:F) No. No.
G) You are expected to live your life a certain way in Mersales, so in a way, it could be seen as religious. The only thing they really worship there is that big old tree, though.
H) A long, long time ago. They probably aren't.
Also, you did mention That Big Tree on Mersales. I'll try not to ask for specifics, but a bit of lore would be appreciated for the religious elves that may exist in the meta-canon. What can you tell us about That Big Tree? Any practices? Anything at all you may have already drafted up/come up with?
Neus wrote:There's a big, magic, sacred tree on Mersales. It never wilts or loses its leaves. It's special to the elves. That's about it.
Did Elves on/from Mersales know about Iahsus/ever saw Iahsus in the sky? If so, what kind of interpretation did they take of Iahsus, and if they have ever witnessed a Black Eclipse (which, I'm sure many old Elves have), what would their take on it be?
Neus wrote:1) Yes.
2) They consider it an unnatural, malevolent entity of unknown origin.
5)What kind of healing magic(s) did elves use? We know they did alchemy, but the description for the skill notes both alchemy and a unknown form of magic.
Neus wrote:A mixture of magic and alchemy, most likely.
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Re: The Great Lore Compendium Project

Post by Blissey » Wed May 01, 2019 9:08 pm

Introducing.... Dark El--- No... Wood El--... Nope. WILD ELVES!

Status: Complete for now.
Neus wrote:Wild Elves are, essentially, elves that are born outside of Mersales. A large majority of them have slightly discolored, darker flecks of skin that resemble spots, all over their body. The most common place to find them is occupying the southwest edges of Edwyn's jungles, known as the Ashen Wetlands. Composed of swampy rivers thick with ash, theorized to be from Hyattr's destruction long ago, several tribes of Wild Elves make their home there, among the many insects, serpents and reptiles. This area of Egwyn is avoided by many Kaelensia because of the lack of resources, such as fresh water, the hot climate, the disease that is spread by the swamp-favoring insects, and so on. These factors do not seem to bother the Wild Elves, who are said to possess magic that purifies the water and heals the body of such ailments.
Are they Immortal like Elves?
Neus wrote:They still live a long time, yes.
Do they age?
Neus wrote:Not any more than normal Elves, no.
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