Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

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Re: Lore Questions: January (2019)ish

Post by Detective100 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:29 pm

I have a couple question about Hyatt-Namely, about any would be worship:

1) First, are there any cults, churches, or anything of the sort that currently exist for Hyatt? Are there any worshipers of Hyatt, and if so, how many?

2) As the patron deity of the hyattrs, how would he have interacted with them?

3) What type of teachings, tenets, and/or rules would Hyatt have given to his would-be-churches, if he could? (For example, how Mercala warns against a too casual use of mercelan healing magic, and instead prefers her followers to use ordinary means of healing if possible, instead of using healing magic as a crutch)

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