Lore Questions: Late June & July

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Re: Lore Questions: Late June & July

Postby Sawrock » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:10 pm

K Peculier wrote:What are the 'official' colors of each country/city?

Especially for The Empire.

Dev has given me permission to answer this question.
Sigrogana's primary color is Red, with Yellow accents.
Oniga's primary color is Yellow, with (ironically) Sandy Brown accents.
Chaturanga, as you would expect, has primary colors of Black and White.
Alstalsia has a primary color of Noble Purple, with White accents.
Karaten has a primary color of Reddish-Purple, with Green accents.
Lispool has a primary color of Cyan, with White accents.
Egwyn has a primary color of Green, with no accents.

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Re: Lore Questions: Late June & July

Postby Raigen.Convict » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:00 pm

Is there any knowledge on why Spatial enemies are named such?

Are there ever instances of monsters being actually docile to humanoids even befriending them?
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Re: Lore Questions: Late June & July

Postby Grandpa » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:56 pm

What is it about Aposemagika that makes it unstealable by spellthieves and unlearnable by conventional means? Is it an invocation that you simply gain the knowledge of after entering the Deepwood, or is it more complicated than that?

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Re: Lore Questions: Late June & July

Postby Neus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:32 pm

Snake wrote:I will eat your heart, lolzy.

1- What is the smell that dominates the atmosphere of Lazarus and the Underworld, where Reapers live?

2- What does healing magic do to broken bones and punctured organs? Magically revert back to pristine state in a blink of an eye like nothing even happened? Or the healing is "as if time is going on reverse" so the bone/organ goes under an 'un-breaking' process back to 'normal'?

3- While healing magic is used, does the target feel even more pain due to their bodies being forcefully mended, or an immense relief as if the magic also numbs the pain away?

4- Healing magic can cure/cleanse illnesses (such as fever, for example), or only medicine/alchemy can do so?

5- Does using the Elemental 'Phoenix' from the Lantern Bearer, 'Healing Discharge' from Bonder, or even 'Aid' from Monk, go against the Mercala's Tenants of 'using unnatural healing only in emergencies'?

6- Can you give an example of how an average Mercalan should react upon seeing their God's magic being needlessly used?

And the final and most important one:

7- Can potions (Stabilizer, for example) be injected in the bloodstream via syringes for the same effect as when they're consumed orally, in case the patient's mouth is obstructed in a way or if they took a blow to the lungs and are coughing constantly?

EDIT: I lied.

8- Is Void Poisoning cases 'common' or 'rare', around the world?

1) Probably just a dry, boney scent.
2) Yes.
3) The latter.
4) Healing magic can usually only treat physical injuries.
5) Yes, though Aid is different enough to not be Mercana and is not as effective, obviously.
6) Lecture the offender on why it's a bad idea, if it continues, report it to the Church higher-ups.
7) In smaller doses, most likely.

Galethvia wrote:Last thread you stated that dealers don't cannibalize because they respect the dead, but then why do they wear bones? Is that their way of showing respect, or do they see only humanoid creatures as deserving respect and exclusively use monster remains as fashion statements?

Edit: And another question, specifically about apertaurus. They are said to have hooved and furred feet, but does the fur stretch up their legs at all as well? Or is it just around the ankles?

1) Wearing bones isn't a negative in Reaper society, correct.
2) Depending on the Apertaurus, it could go all the way up to the thighs.

Grandpa wrote:How does the empire or any other place (Oniga, Chaturanga, Karaten, etc) feel about people wearing the remains of deceased monsters or people? This is mainly for Reapers, but it could extend to Liches and any other race/person that might have decided bones would liven up their outfit.

Depends on the 'remains'. They would probably take a big issue if you're wearing a necklace of ears, for example. Bones are clean enough where it isn't an issue.

owarinohebi wrote:ooooooh I saw a question about werewolves in the last one and got super excited!! Onto the questions~ *cracks knuckles*

1. When Hyattr are born, do they come out with their wings (and rare tail), or is it a gradual thing, like they grow in as they age? Bc I can see if they come out with the wings, it being painful for the mother (especially if the mother is of a different race, bc it seems that the children are one race or another)
2. Do Reapers have some sort of horn-measuring contest like the Zerans seem to have, or do they just not care? (i.e the Zerans seem to hold others with black and longer horns in higher regards)
3. WITH THE WEREWOLVES, are they completely feral, or can they rationalize?
4. Is the werewolf's thing kinda like the vampires, where there's a ritual, or is it a disease, or??
5. Are a Reaper's and Zeran's horns physically sensitive, or do they pretty much not feel anything? Does it cause them physical pain when their horns break?

1) A gradual thing.
2) They do not pay any mind to that, but obviously it can vary based on the individual.
3/4) Maybe we'll explore werewolf details if they become more relevant or a potential player race.
5) Zeran horns are sensitive to focus, if they were to be broken it cause them some pain for a little while. Reapers do not have feeling in their horns, so it would only be a dull sensation if anything if they were broken.

Spoops wrote:Image

Do Grimalkin have blue eyes instead of golden eyes?


catabur wrote:I suppose to clarify on my previous questions...

1. Do all the major nations share a common theme among their army's uniforms? Does Chaturanga and the Empire have the same style of armor (a English medieval sort of deal) sans colors and insignia? Or does Chaturanga share a more French/Russian design in their armor? That sort of thing. I can already imagine that Oniga has Japanese-style equipment, but what about the mage-centric Karaten? Or Alstalsia?

2. Is a wyverntouched with strong connections to their wyvern-side able to have a tail, like the Hyattr? Can Lupines have paw-like feet like their great, big wolf psuedo-god had? As examples, of course.

1) Yes. Karaten is mostly robes, but mages aren't on the battlefield very often. Alstalsia varies depending on the noble house.
2) It's possible but such a thing would be rare. No to Kaelensia having paws.

Sarah54321 wrote:What does each country/city think of a Mechanation marrying someone, or someone choosing to marry a mechanation?

What about a mechanation trying to adopt?

They would probably find it very questionable because Mechanations aren't recognized very much as 'people'.

Raigen.Convict wrote:Is there any knowledge on why Spatial enemies are named such?

Are there ever instances of monsters being actually docile to humanoids even befriending them?

1) Not sure what you mean.
2) You can capture them and use them in your party, so I would say yes.

Grandpa wrote:What is it about Aposemagika that makes it unstealable by spellthieves and unlearnable by conventional means? Is it an invocation that you simply gain the knowledge of after entering the Deepwood, or is it more complicated than that?

It's a magical quality of the Papilion itself.

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