My bubble will block out your class

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Re: My bubble will block out your class

Postby Chaos » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:04 am

Swift_kusura wrote:A spell that takes 0 stats, no tome, no cool down, and 1 class point. Should -not- be able to silence, nerf priest damage nerf crit evasion nerf status resistance and still do a lot of damage if you're actually supposed to be casting spells, or you can be a kensei and just turn that crit evasion into death for your opponent while they flail uselessly trying to get out of the water with their nerfed stats.

This sounds a little too salty.

Black Bubble will do absolute jack if you don't build for Status Infliction (which means stats that aren't VIT/RES); even if you knock out their FAI and they offer absolutely no counter nor reaction, you're still dealing with SAN, which provides the majority of Status Resistance. Not to mention that Black Bubble, along with Wretched Oil, are bad choices for damage spells; their elemental scalings, along with the dual element in general, keeps them well out of solid damage range.

There's also the plentiful amount of counters listed earlier in this topic, and Priest is the one class that can easily laugh off any Hexer's attempt to throw edgy little bubbles at them.

To summarize: Black Bubble is far less of a gamebreaker than you project it to be, and certainly isn't in a position where it needs to be even further nerfed.
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