Scalable And Improved Items

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Scalable And Improved Items

Postby Mivereous » Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:03 am

Bringing this up again because I feel like it didn't get enough recognition on the old forums, and would be a nice improvement. Not my idea, but in full support of it.

"DISCLAIMER: It's not 100% complete, because Dev isn't expected to adapt every single suggestion. The only parts that are missing appear to be some default and new rarities. The list is meant to get him thinking on 'irrelevant' items. In this day and age, static and crappy 1-X star items will never be an option. You can sum up the best accessories with one hand. AND the glove preferences are just sad. Not even this change completely helps the issue."

This list is also old, so if there were any new items in between the time I got it (end of October 2014) and now, they aren't included.
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