[New Torsos] GiGiGiggity

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[New Torsos] GiGiGiggity

Post by Rendar » Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:22 am

So, the new gi stuff, is kinda trash.


That's 5 weight, 1 DEF, 6 MP, and 5 evade base.

A Wisp Cloak has..

1 Weight, 1 DEF, 4 MP, 10 Evade Base, and provided +30 FP.

For an active buff of casting a sylphid spell < assuming you go first, otherwise this gi is useless > You get +15 Evasion. Which means that at best, it provides 10 more Evasion over the Wisp Cloak, 30 less FP, and more BW.

This is a NINE star item. This one is .trash. compared to a 1 star item and can, very easily, be tossed into the bin because of the momentum requirement to activate it's special.


Same base stats of the Windswept Gi but now with a different effect!

+15 Crit if you cast a Nature Spell. Nature Spells consist of Rye, Ryemei, and.. Overload.... That's it, unless I'm missing one.

So, this is pretty much also confirmed for trash-tier unless you plan to spam Ryemei to get that 1.5x Crit Damage < Not that Charge Minding wouldn't be a better idea anyways >

Sarasha Gi

Since I don't actually know the stats on it, it does give +12 EVA/CRIT if you're wearing a weapon of the same type. So Akimbo Gunner works well-well-well together, alongside dual katana nerds if that's your schtick. Otherwise? This is kinda crappy, works well for gunners and thats about it.
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