Iaijutsu [Kensei's Sheath Sword suggestion]

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Re: Iaijutsu [Kensei's Sheath Sword suggestion]

Post by Snake » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:40 pm

I disagree with changing minimum to under 3M/remove the End Turn effect. As I've said on my last post, this is to forgive using 5M+ on a Sheath Sword, not to 'buff Kensei' or add new methods to exploit Hidden Cut and smart Momentum usage.

But Chaos's idea is also a fair call, investing more than 1 point in Sheath Sword is going to keep a Kensei from picking more important things such as Absolute skills or their passives, or Wazabane. Or even Hidden Cut itself. Their skill tree is really limited in SP usage anyway.
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