Putting the knight back in black knight.

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Putting the knight back in black knight.

Postby Spoops » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:13 pm

Black knight has a lot of issues right now, mainly in that its only function is as a pretty godlike support class for a good portion of characters, but since heavy armor holds a lot of downsides, most black knights are often seen using unarmored instead, and abusing crit evade granted by negation and hanging's range and hit bonus.

I think that heavy armor should be a core feature for the class, I think that a few adjustments should be made to some of their skills to make it more suited to people wanting to actually play heavily armored doom walls clad in steel.

Indomitable - DR granted increased by 50% if main classed Black Knight (at rank 5 it becomes 15% phys DR)

Prophlaxys/Sudden Death - Your Armor is added to damage threshold for proccing the skill's effect.

Checkmate - Adds armor amount to damage as well.

Negation - Effect changed to rank*5 crit evade, armor is now added to crit evade amount.

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Re: Putting the knight back in black knight.

Postby Trexmaster » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:25 pm

If we're going to make Armor more relevant to Black Knight, perhaps make Steel Body purge -armor debuffs too. (also possibly make it purge -Phys DR debuffs since those are becoming far more prevalent than -DEF debuffs, to the point where those are being converted to the former, thus making Steel Body obsolete).

Tangents aside, I can get behind making the Armor stat actually do something beyond Board Shaker for a BK.

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Re: Putting the knight back in black knight.

Postby Snake » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:29 pm

I share the same thoughts as Trex and Spooks here. I never see Black Knights being main-classed or using Heavy Armor anymore. They got needlessly nerfed thanks to Boxer, when Boxer was the issue, not them.

+1 to everything proposed in the OP.
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