Chilly Feet [Ice Point Greaves buff]

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Chilly Feet [Ice Point Greaves buff]

Post by Snake » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:40 pm

And to finish my double-posting of the year. (Hah, kill me.) I'd like to propose yet another simple band-aid solution to solve Verglas's issues with FP, if we're not touching damage.


Can this big boy here recover FP equal to Rank whenever you do Ice Damage/walk on an Ice Tile?


And this big boy here recover FP equal to (Rank*Momentum Spent on Guard) if you're standing on an Ice Tile?

And well, maybe not Ice Point Guard since it grants you a lot of defensive options, but I still think it would be nice for Ice Point Greaves to be a little more appealing than just 'lol ice damag'. Making it grant ways of restoring FP so you can go wild, careless and relentless on your assaults is the Verglas wae to solve things, imo.
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Re: Chilly Feet [Ice Point Greaves buff]

Post by Syeburn » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:02 am

I've expressed my frustrations with Verglas in my own thread and as such am morally obligated to say that this wouldn't be the big overhaul of changes that I personally feel the class needs. HOWEVER I am also not at all opposed to Verglas getting gentle little pats on the back like this until such an overhaul can be done.

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