Pitch for Boxer to punch more and Geist less

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Pitch for Boxer to punch more and Geist less

Post by Snake » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:09 pm

So, here's a small proposal to finally debunk Boxer out of Balance-Fu:
> Change Muuden to steal 5% of enemy's FP, if Geist Schritt activates. Remove the auto-skip part on it.

> Change Geist Schritt (Eins) and Geist Schritt (Zwei) to grant a buff that reduces the next Boxer offensive skill's Momentum cost by 2 and ignore enemy Evasion/Evasive Skills, if it procs from being targeted. Remove the Momentum refund part on it.

> Geist Schritt (Drei) becomes a two-use skill. First use dashes forward, the second use costs no momentum, and makes you dash towards the closest enemy, granting 1 Schwarz Sturm. (Technically, make the 'dash towards if not targeted by anything' part be manual.)
And finally, since Boxer won't be able to tamper with Momentum anymore:
> Korkenzieher, Sturm Shreik and Grandupper's scalings become 90% (+ 10% per rank level) SWA.
> Swaying grants 1 Schwarz Sturm per 3M it uses.
> Scharfe's duration, and bonuses are equal to (amount) your Schwars Sturm LV * 2. It also resets Schwarz Sturm to 0.
And then finally leave the class alone forever, moving over to Dragoons, Dark Bard or Necromancer, who are way more interesting to think about than this balance-bullied class.
Any questions of why I chose this, type away. I'll be willing to answer why I think this is the best way to make Boxer less annoying to fight against, or as. But it doesn't take much brain to notice that unfair mechanics are what often bring salt to combat-oriented environments.
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Re: Pitch for Boxer to punch more and Geist less

Post by Raigen.Convict » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:27 pm

I'm for it. I tried Boxer and didn't quite enjoy it like I assumed I would... So some balance changes are welcome.
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Re: Pitch for Boxer to punch more and Geist less

Post by Spoops » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:12 pm

Sounds all fine to me, I've thought for a while now Boxer should be more about the damage than the crutch Geist Schritt mechanic that really only exists (currently) to buff Demon Hunters/Evokers and Hexers

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